Our client from Surrey hired us for a dash cam install. He was very cautious on what camera to buy as there is lots of models. For the best performance we recommended the GNET G-ON3 3 channel system. He asked us questions like how is the video quality? Is it easy to use? Will it record while parked? Will it kill my battery? Can I download videos to my phone? Will it get license plates? Is this the best option for UBER?

Video Quality

The front camera uses a Sony STARVIS image sensor which is used in surveillance cameras. In short, it allows high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions. The interior camera has 180 degree wide viewing angle. Even capturing people standing by your drivers door. Lastly, the rear camera is 1080P and will record any incidents from the rear.

180 degree wide viewing angle
Interior Camera 180 degree wide viewing angle

Real HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technology that expands the range of brightness from the brightest to the darkest, as close as possible to what the human eye sees. In short, applying HDR when passing through a dark tunnel adjusts the light reflections in the tunnel to bring colour to life. Therefore, passing through a dazzling road, the sunlight is properly adjusted to make things look sharp.

gon real hdr

Easy To Use

This Surrey dash cam install wanted to know how easy it was to use. In short, this unit is Wi-Fi app capable. To sum up, allowing you to pair your phone via an app to download videos, and change settings. In conclusion, some units on the market make you bring the SD card into the house and use the desktop software. The GNET G-ON3 supports desktop and Wi-Fi app making it a great choice.

demo in car

Record While Parked

Above all, this unit will record in time lapse mode while parked. Time Lapse mode records one frame per second, minimizing the size of the video for a long time to record parking.


Will it Kill my Battery?

The short answer is no. A couple factors is, how you install it, and how you set the dash camera up. If you have a dash camera without low battery protection, and you do not drive your vehicle regularly. As a result, there is a good chance you will kill your battery. Dash cameras sold at Safe Drive Solutions all have low battery protection. We recommend setting this for 12 volts or higher to protect your battery. For this common question about dash cams, we provide an example below.

Once I had a client say the dash camera killed their battery. After investigating we found out they had been leaving their interior light on for quite a few weeks. There is lots of factors that can kill your vehicles battery, for example leaving an accessory plugged into your cigarette lighter all night. However, getting a bad cell in your battery or leaving the interior light on all night is more common. These types of things happen but getting a dash cam with low battery protection you should be fine. If you are still worried get a backup battery for your dash cam.



These are some of the many great features this camera has to offer. Needless to say this customer in Surrey was happy with their dash cam install. Lastly, 1 week after installing this camera another car sideswiped our customer and ICBC waived their deductible due to video evidence.

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