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Shop dash cam resolution at Safe Drive Solutions now! Amazing selection of 4K, 2K and 1080p cameras are waiting for you at our online store. Choose the dash camera that fits you and your vehicle the best or get a consultation from our dash cam experts. Thinkware, IROAD and GNET dash cameras all made in Korea.

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Dash cameras have become a must-have of all careful drivers over the past years. Providing evidence in case of accidents and protection from vandalism are some of the most significant benefits. Millions of drivers purchase and install dash cams in their cars. If you are currently looking for a dash cam to buy, one of the first things you should consider is your future dash cam resolution.


Dash cam resolution refers to the total number of pixels displayed on the image or video. For example, you have definitely heard about HD and Full HD resolution. Thus, the former one refers to the standard definition of 720 (height) pixels, and the latter one to 1080 (height) pixels.


The majority of modern dash cameras are equipped with at least 1080p or Full HD resolution. We at Safe Drive Solution pay extra attention to dash cam resolution when selecting models to be sold at our online store. Therefore, we do offer only those dash cams that provide sufficient image quality to see all necessary details in the video.


There are also devices that offer even higher dash cam resolution – 2K and 4K that offer stunning image quality. If you are searching for a camera that will allow you to see every single detail even from far away, then a 2K or 4K dash cam is your go-to.


Not sure what high-resolution camera to choose? Contact us now , and we will help you select 1080p, 2K or 4K dash cam offering the best video quality imaginable.

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