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Need a quality Dashcam? VIOFO aims to offer premium dash cams at affordable prices. With some of the highest quality sensors, a variety of 2k and 4k options, and vision-enhancing features like auto HDR, VIOFO has some of the absolute clearest recordings on the market.

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VIOFO Dash Cam 

Looking for a dependable and efficient way to ensure that you have proof of what happens while driving? Install a VIOFO dash cam, today! 

VIOFO dash cams come in various styles, sizes, and resolutions. These dash cams capture incidents while driving that could be critical evidence of an accident or disagreement. You can drive confidently, knowing that you have a reliable record of your experiences captured with your VIOFO dashcam. 

What Is a VIOFO Dash Cam 

VIOFO dash cam is an innovative device that records all the critical moments of your driving experience. With a VIOFO dash cam to meet every driver’s needs, with various types, sizes, and resolutions you can have comfort and the confidence to face any road ahead. 

Benefits of a Dash Cam 

Dash cams can provide several benefits, including: 

  • Capture video of an accident to use as evidence in insurance claims or legal proceedings. 
  • Capture any vandalism or hit-and-run incidents, providing evidence that a prosecutor can use in a court of law. 
  • Ensure you drive safely as you’re less likely to engage in risky driving behaviour when you know that you are recording your actions. 
  • Used by parents to monitor their teen drivers’ driving behaviour, thereby ensuring their safety on the road. 
  • Capture scenic or memorable moments on road trips to provide a visual record of the journey. 

Features of a VIOFO Dash Cam 

VIOFO aims to offer premium dash cams at affordable prices that give customers confidence while driving. They use premium components and stringent quality control procedures to ensure their dash cams have the following high-quality features. 

High-Definition Video Quality 

VIOFO’s dash cams come in a variety of resolutions. Your budget and the level of detail you require in your recordings will determine the resolution you select. 

VIOFO dash cams are available in the following resolutions: 

  • Full HD or 1080P. Dash cams with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Quad HD. Quad HD resolution is a more advanced resolution, capturing images at a resolution of 1440P. (2560×1440 pixels). 
  • 4K UHD.4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) refers to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which the highest resolution available for dash cams. 

Wide-Angle Lenses

Dash cams have various angles or fields of view that the camera lens can record. 

A wider viewing angle is critical when observing what happened before and after an accident on the road as it captures more video footage of the surrounding areas. 

To record a wider field of view, dash cams typically need a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree angle of view. VIOFO has gone above and beyond by sporting dash cams that have a viewing angle of 140-degree wide, capturing more info by the second. 

Wi-Fi Mode

You can connect your phone to your dash cam via Wi-Fi and download camera files. It allows you to stream live video from your car and transfer and view camera files. With real-time previews and quicker transfer speed, this setting is hard to beat. 

Variety of Models

VIOFO dash cams come in mini or dual, or triple models. 

A mini dash cam is a small and inconspicuous camera attached to a vehicle’s windshield and records the view out the front. It is also known as the 1 channel or front view dash cam. 

A dual dash cam is a two-camera system with a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. The front camera captures footage through the windshield, while the rear camera captures footage from the vehicle’s rear. 

On the other hand, a triple model, also known as a 3-channel dash cam has a front, rear, and interior camera system. With three cameras the dash cam system provides a wider field of view and captures footage from various angles. It can give you more comprehensive footage of your surroundings and any possible incidents. 

Get Your VIOFO Dash Cam Today! 

The VIOFO Dash Cam has you covered whether you’re driving through heavy traffic or need evidence in the event of an accident. You can now drive with peace of mind and ensure your safety on the road with the VIOFO Dash Cam. So, get yours today at Safe Drive Solutions and start enjoying peace of mind on the road.

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