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Company Mission

We helps drivers provide video evidence.

Company Values

Efficiency– Everything we do we try and find more efficient ways to complete them.

Integrity– We are honest and have strong moral principles and keep our promises even if it takes extra effort.

Urgency– Our goal is to prioritize our customers in everything we do. Having urgency in warranty, email responses, text, and phone.

Authenticity– Is about being congruent between what you say, what you do, what you think, what you feel and what you mean.This applies equally at a personal level and at a company wide level.

Continuous Improvement– We are constantly taking feedback from our customers and attending professional business coaching training to continuously improve our business.

What we do?

What if you had a detective traveling with you wherever you drive? Or at least another pair of eyes?

Our dash cams do both. Never wonder again who dented your car, or who is at fault for an accident.


At Safe Drive Solutions, we are in the business of proof and peace of mind. That’s why we are determined to provide a multitude of choices for our customer’s vehicle safety and security products. Safe Drive Solution makes sure that all the relevant information is presented to the customer so that they can feel empowered to make the best choice for themselves.

Road Safety

Dash Cams are becoming more and more prevalent in an attempt to make roads as safe as they can be. Safe Drive Solutions employs only the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the automotive and electronic fields. We value attention to detail and being the best we can be, whether it’s about our products or what savings we can find a customer. And our products are the same as us, they are incomparable when it comes to safety, price point and delivering results.


As one of the most trusted authorized dash cam suppliers, we pride ourselves on being a leader in our field. We prioritize our customer’s understanding of products and want them to have the most accurate and up-to-date information out there. We know everyone is looking for something specific to their needs, and we at Safe Drive Solutions are here to help you find it. Not only are we willing and able to find you the best products in the industry but we also strive to get you the best deal and savings on the market. We offer amazing warranties and will never leave you hanging pre or post-sale. And our customer service is unrivaled.

Thank You

Safe Drive Solutions wants to say thank you to our customers for not only being responsible and safe drivers but for choosing us. Safe Drive Solutions strives to be the clear and obvious choice for your dash cam needs!


You’ll always be safe with Safe Drive Solutions.

Learn More about us by giving us a call, writing an email, or even texting us.

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