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What is 2K?

2K resolution (also known as 2K QHD) is a common display resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is significantly more than the pixels that come from a 1080p display, which is 1920 pixels horizontal axis and 1080 pixels on the vertical axis. While high resolution 2K recording is not as pixel-rich as the latest 4k cameras, a 2K dash cam has plenty of resolution to capture scenes clearly, especially when paired with a quality sensor and image quality features like HDR.

Different Types of Dash Cams Available in the Market

2K only refers to a dash camera’s resolution – you will want to consider other aspects of a dash camera before making a purchase. For example, is your dash cam front facing only, or does it have a second channel for a rear dash cam?  Does your dash cam have an action camera mode that will capture more frames per second when an incident occurs? Will you need a cabin camera in addition to your rear camera and front-facing dash cam?

Features to Consider in a 2K Dash Cam

There are a myriad of features to consider when purchasing a 2K dash cam, here’s a short guide to some features you may see:

Hardwire Kit vs OBD II vs Cigarette Lighter

The method of connection you choose will change what features you can enable on your 2K dashboard camera. For example, you can use a regular cigarette lighter plugin to run your dash camera, but many car charging 12v ports are always hot – including when the car is off. If you aren’t careful, a parked car could have its battery drained by a continuously recording dash cam. There are also adaptors that plug into your OBD II port, but these plugs will vary by the vehicle, especially if you have an electric vs an internal combustion vehicle. Typically the best method of connection, which can safely enable parking mode, is to hardwire your camera. In short, connect into your vehicle’s power supply through a fusebox. Hardwiring can also enable parking mode in cameras that carry that feature.

Memory Card

The higher resolution of 2K QHD dash cameras does mean that the recordings will require a little more space. The size of memory card required will also vary by your needs and the dash camera in question. Most dash cams will use a micro SD card to store video footage. But not all dash cams compress video  the same way, meaning that you may need a larger SD card than you expect. If your dash camera compresses video will, you may be able to get away with as little as 16-32 GB of storage on your micro SD. Check the camera’s video storage specs to make sure you have the adequate size for your needs.

Night Vision

This is an excellent example of the fact that resolution is not the end-all-be-all of image quality. Some of the most dangerous driving situations happen at night. If you have high-resolution 4K image recording, but poor night vision, your dash cam footage won’t be clear. At all levels of resolution, including 2K, make sure to find a dash cam with adequate night vision.

Mobile App

This is an underrated feature that many people don’t consider – does your dash cam connect to your phone? Installation and use is much easier when you can see a live projection of the dash cam footage on your smartphone, rather than needing to record, remove the memory card, plug it into a computer, and check the footage over and over while positioning or repositioning your dash cam.

Loop Recording

Continuous loop recording refers to the way that video recordings are stored on the dash cam’s memory card. Once a card is full, (with say, 14 hours of recording), instead of ceasing to record, the camera can automatically delete the oldest footage to continue filming, creating a seamless loop recording. Most dash cameras have loop recording, though you may need to refer to your user manual on how to enable it.

Wide Angle

A wide viewing angle is a given in most car cameras – but it’s worth comparing the field of view before you buy.

GPS Tracking

GPS information is useful data to have in an insurance case, for a court, or even when monitoring the driving of a young new driver.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and essentially helps your dash cam adjust to changes in light. For example, when leaving a dark tunnel and entering the bright daylight, many cameras struggle to adjust, leaving them blinded by glare for multiple seconds while a critical incident could occur. HDR is a crucial video quality feature.

In Conclusion:

2K represents a tier of resolution that is high-quality without breaking the bank. If you find the right camera, the combination of 2K and other features like HDR and night vision will make for an excellent tool to help you in cases of emergency, night or day.

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