If you’re within our Coquitlam dash cam installation service area. We’ll come to you and install your dashcam on-site. Don’t have one? Shop our selection of Dash Cams and contact us for a package price with installation. Above all, our British Columbia mobile installation service means you don’t have to risk driving anywhere without a dash cam.

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Professional Dash Cam Installation in Coquitlam, BC

You never know when you might hit a rough patch, like being rear-ended on the roads in Coquitlam, and need evidence to show who was at fault. You may also need evidence to claim insurance or protect yourself from being falsely accused.
That’s why you need a professionally installed dash cam. These dash cams record what happens in front of your vehicle and behind the wheel.
At Safe Drive Solutions, we provide professional dash cam installation and monitoring in Coquitlam, BC, to keep you safe while on the road.

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Before we mount the dash cam, we ensure the positioning won’t impair your vision or the view of the road ahead.
Then, we find the fuse box in your car so that we can run a power wire to your dash camera. To avoid having cables run throughout the interior of your car, we tuck the power cords under the panels.
Finally, we complete the installation by ensuring everything is securely and properly installed.

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Dash Camera Installation

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on site technician


Our technicians come to you and install on-site. So, you do not have to drive around without protection.

free demo


We will show you how to pair your phone, download videos, and change settings. Making you feel comfortable.

install average time


Most Dash Cam installations take 1-2 hours. We will hide the wires, run the wires behind your airbag, and hardwire it.

lifetime install guarantee


We guarantee our installation workmanship for life. We solder all connections and only use the highest quality shop materials.

service guarantee


If you are not happy with the product we supplied and installed, we will exchange it for a different unit within 30 days.

fully insured


We have business insurance to cover us. Get it installed with confidence. We are insured to work on vehicles up to $250,000.

srs airbags


Our technicians run the wires safely behind the airbag.

battery pic


All of our dashcams are installed with low battery protection. If it drops below a set voltage, the dash camera will shut off to protect the battery of your car.

shop materials high quality


Using 3M Super 33 electrical tape to cover solder connections. Also, tesa fleece wire harness tape to hide wiring and make it blend in with factory wiring.


Jason Stockmann
Jason Stockmann
Ben was easy to communicate with and very professional. There was a manufacturer issue with a cam they supplied and installed and he immediately replaced it with an upgrade at no additional charge. Ben followed up with me a couple weeks later to see how the equipment was working. I would highly recommend Safe Drive Solutions.
Burak Ataman
Burak Ataman
Benjamin is a pro in his field. Great install. Thanks
Larry Jacobson
Larry Jacobson
I found Benjamin from a Google search. I wanted a mobile service and he only does mobile. His web page was very informative and easy to navigate. There are two cars in our household and I booked an appointment for both cars.I felt the price was fair and he booked both cars. Benjamin was on time and both cars were completed in two hours. Once completed Benjamin helped set up the app and explained how the dash cams work. If you are in the market for dash cams I highly recommend him. Great service.Update since my wife and installed our dash cams Benjamin has transferred my wife’s cam to a new vehicles as well as adding battery packs to both of our cars. Dash cams are like insurance you never want to need it until you need it. I had an accident about a month ago and my dash cam video proved that it was the other drivers fault . Again Benjamin’s service is great and he is a great guy.
Great product and service from Ben!Installation process done very carefully and cameras working perfectly well.


Where do you install the dash cam in the vehicle?

I am asked this quite often, and the best answer is, it depends on the vehicle. Every vehicle is different, and some vehicles have very big housings in the centre of your windshield. The goal is to have it as high as possible, and as close to the centre. You always want to make sure the windshield wipers cover the area where you mount it as well. If it snows and it’s not in that prime area, your dash cam will record the white snow and defeat the purpose. Watch our YouTube video.

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Will there be any visible wires in my vehicle?

No. We make sure to tuck all wires into the headliner, a-pillar, b-pillar, and under the dash of your vehicle. Certainly, there will be nothing plugged into your cigarette lighter, making it look far tidier, freeing it up for other uses. Please take a look at the images for a better look at a fully-installed dash cam. Experience the best dash cam install service with us!

Will My Car Battery Die from Installing a Dash Cam?

The short answer is no. A couple factors is, how you install it, and how you set the dash camera up. If you have a dash camera without low battery protection, and you do not drive your vehicle regularly. As a result, there is a good chance you will kill your battery. Dash cameras sold at Safe Drive Solutions all have low battery protection. We recommend setting this for 12 volts or higher to protect your battery. For this common question about dash cams, we provide an example below.

Once I had a client say the dash camera killed their battery. After investigating we found out they had been leaving their interior light on for quite a few weeks. There is lots of factors that can kill your vehicles battery, for example leaving an accessory plugged into your cigarette lighter all night. However, getting a bad cell in your battery or leaving the interior light on all night is more common. These types of things happen but getting a dash cam with low battery protection you should be fine. If you are still worried get a backup battery for your dash cam.

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Will Getting a Dash Cam Installed Void My Vehicle Warranty?

No car dealer can void your warranty on your vehicle. In fact, most car dealers sublet their aftermarket accessory work to specialty retailers. So why would it be okay for them to do it? But not okay for you. Firstly, car dealers want to use their preferred vendors. Most of the time it is someone they trust. Secondly, it gives them a chance to add some profit to the sale of their car. Who doesn’t want to make more money?

There are some instances where a car dealer can void your warranty. But let’s be clear, they cannot void the warranty on your entire car. For example, you go to a specialty shop and get aftermarket fog lights installed. Two weeks after installing you find your headlight switch no longer works. Book in an appointment at your car dealer and they find the specialty shop wired in something wrong. Leaving you with a bill when you thought you had warranty. The car dealer replaces the headlight switch, and you have full warranty again.

If you get any aftermarket work done, I always recommend reaching out to that specialty shop before bringing it in to a mechanic, or car dealer. Mistakes can happen, fuses sometimes blow, after all we are human. Most professional specialty shops have technical information on your vehicle and will have limited challenges. Think twice before trusting the random guy on Kijiji, or Facebook marketplace that will do it for cash.

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Why Get a Dash Cam?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a dash camera. Here are a few:

  1. Evidence in case of an accident If you’re involved in a car accident, a dash camera can provide valuable evidence of what happened. Therefore, the video footage can show who was at fault, which can be useful if you need to file an insurance claim or go to court.

  2. Protection against insurance fraud: Unfortunately, there are people who stage accidents in order to file fraudulent insurance claims. A dash camera can help protect you from this type of fraud by providing video evidence of what really happened.
  3. Improved driving habits: Knowing that you’re being recorded can help you be a better driver. You may follow traffic laws and drive more defensively if you know that your actions are being captured on video. Meanwhile, a lot of parents will buy this for their teenagers car for this exact reason.
  4. Capturing memorable moments: Dash cameras can also be used to capture fun or interesting moments on the road. For example, you may capture a beautiful sunset or a rare sighting of a wild animal that you can share with others.


We will drive to you, with our mobile toolboxes that contain everything we need for installation. Learn more about our process: CLICK HERE.


We will hardwire your dashboard camera into your car, truck, or other vehicle. Show you how it works, and answer any questions you may have. Read Our Blog to better understand what hardwiring does for you.


We guarantee our installation workmanship for life. We solder all connections and only use the highest quality shop materials.


More Questions?

To sum up, learn about our Installation Process, read our blogs, or contact us.

Benefits of a Professionally Installed Quality Dash Cam in Coquitlam

Having a professional install a dash cam in Coquitlam ensures the safety of your vehicle. Those who aren’t as familiar with dashcam installation as we are can make mistakes which could lead to damage or missing footage. Make the smart choice and have SafeDrive help with the install. You can also see our other locations to check if you qualify for a professionally installed dash cam.
The dash cam will record everything that happens on the road, so you won’t have to worry about any future accidents or liability. It can also aid in arresting criminals by capturing their license plate number and the date and time of the occurrence.

So, shop today at Safe Drive Solutions. We offer free quotations but charge a fee to install dash cams in Coquitlam professionally.


Our professional will walk you through the whole process and explain how the dashcam works. This way you can get started using it straight away!

No hassle. No stress!

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Dash Camera Installation

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