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Commercial Dash Camera 

Thousands of dollars are lost daily due to lost business, false insurance claims, and traffic violations. That is why you need a Commercial Dash Camera. It is a cost-effective way to ensure you have all the necessary evidence. 

With Commercial Drive Cameras at Safe Drive Solution, you can capture high-quality video footage for private or business use. We stock high-quality fleet dash cams so you can focus on your core business while always enjoying crystal-clear surveillance of the area around your vehicle. 

Why invest in fleet dash cams? 

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving resulted in 3,142 deaths in 2020. 

Therefore, investing in fleet dash cams can help you protect your business and employees. A fleet dash cam will capture all on-road activity, including when other drivers are distracted, and you’ll have visual proof that could help you limit or avoid liability. 

Also, by using a fleet dash cam, you can: 

  • Improve driver safety and increase fleet productivity. 
  • Make sure your employees drive safely, thus reducing accidents and injuries. 
  • Document potentially hazardous situations and incidents while providing irrefutable video evidence of the accident or incident. In this way, your reputation and finances are both protected. 

Benefits of fleet dash cam systems 

The benefits of using a dash cam system if you’re looking for ways to improve your fleet operations include the following:

  • Boost driver performance and reduce risk. Fleet dash cam systems can help you boost driver performance and minimize the risk in a world where every second counts. The cameras record video and audio of everything around the car, giving you accurate information about what happened just before an accident or incident occurred. Furthermore, it will allow you to identify any training needs in your organization so that your drivers always perform at their best.
  • Improve customer service and brand image. These cameras provide valuable information about how your customers feel about their experiences with your business. You can use this information to improve processes to ensure that you serve your customers well, leading to happier customers and more repeat business from them.
  • Reduce insurance premiums. Insurance companies love dash cams because they can help reduce the number of accidents on the road. They’ll also reduce your insurance premiums by lowering your risk profile, which means you’ll pay less for car insurance in the long run. When you have a fleet of vehicles, you need to be able to protect them from damage and theft. And when someone damages or steals your car, it can be challenging to determine who is at fault. With a fleet dash cam system, you’ll be able to use the footage from the camera to show what happened and help determine who is responsible for the damage or theft. As a result, filing an insurance claim and getting reimbursed for this incident’s expenses will be easier for you.
  • Decrease court costs. Another benefit of having a fleet dash cam system is that it can help decrease court costs as you will solve disputes faster.

Get Your Commercial Dash Cam Today 

Over the past few years, dash cam use has increased. You can mount these cameras on your windshield or dashboard and record everything that occurs while driving. The evidence is beneficial if you are in an accident and must prove your innocence. 

We offer semi truck dash cams with all the features you would expect from a camera, plus some extras that make them ideal for commercial vehicles. 

Furthermore, our Uber dash cams provide the best storage capacity, camera quality, resolution, and infrared technology, as well as covering all angles inside your car. With our commercial dash camera, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on important footage again—because it’s always recording.


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