Thinkware Dash Cam the Parking Mode Leader

The Thinkware Dash Cam has several amazing features. These include parking mode, GPS, Wi-Fi, Sony STARVIS, 4K UHD, and power-saving abilities.

dash cam installation thinkware u3000 behind rear view mirror

Parking Surveillance Mode for Ultimate Protection

Thinkware’s built-in parking mode feature safeguards your vehicle even when you are absent. Installing the hardwiring cable unleashes the full potential of parking mode, utilizing motion detection, time lapse, or impact detection. This ensures automatic recording of any incidents or suspicious activity, offering crucial evidence in cases of vandalism, accidents, or theft. Thinkware dashcams provide continuous monitoring, ensuring peace of mind for your vehicle’s security around the clock.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best with Thinkware

Thinkware leads the pack in power efficiency while parked, outperforming other dash cams. Some dash cams, such as the U3000, U1000, and F790 models, can last for several days in energy-saving mode. These models consume less power, around 1/13 to 1/40, compared to other dash cams with motion detection or time lapse features. However, they can still effectively capture impact notifications.

Motion Detection for Enhanced Surveillance

Enabled motion detection means your dash cam records movements or impacts around your vehicle. This invaluable feature safeguards your vehicle against unforeseen incidents like accidents or vandalism while you park it.

GPS Integration and Smartphone App

Make sure you have GPS data it will show speed and location, with added features like alerts for red lights and speed cameras. The easy-to-use app for iOS and Android lets you easily change settings and download videos to your phone.

Sony STARVIS Technology for Superior Recording

The U3000 by Thinkware utilizes advanced Sony STARVIS 2 sensor technology and a powerful Ambarella CPU. This combination enables better 4K front and 2K rear recording, resulting in clearer footage. Additionally, you can adjust the bitrate to further enhance the video quality. Even the U1000, equipped with Sony STARVIS 1 sensor for front and rear recording, delivers excellent camera capabilities.

Reliable High-Quality Performance

Thinkware dedicates itself to providing high-quality, durable dash cameras that capture your surroundings in the highest resolution. Expect reliability and unmatched performance from Thinkware dashcams in any driving scenario.

Choose from an Array of Options

Explore our wide range of cameras, such as U3000, U1000, F200 Pro, F790 dash cams, and other high-quality models. Our experts will assist you in making the correct decision. They will be with you on all your journeys, including daily commutes and long road trips.

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