Thinkware Dash Cam

In Korea 26 years ago Thinkware Dash Cam was established. Thinkware dashcams excel not only during your time on the road but also when your vehicle is parked. Emerging as, “The World’s Leading Dash Cam Brand.” With options from HD to 4K video resolution.

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Why Thinkware?

Thinkware Dash Cam offers features such as parking mode, GPS information, Wi-Fi app, Sony STARVIS, 4K uhd resolution and powercells.

Parking Surveillance Mode

The built-in parking mode feature ensures that your vehicle is protected even when you’re not around. When getting the hardwiring cable installed it unlocks the parking mode capabilities. By utilizing motion detection, time lapse or impact detection. The dash cam automatically records any incidents or suspicious activity. Providing valuable evidence in case of vandalism, accidents, or theft. Above all, Thinkware dashcams offer peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is being monitored and safeguarded around the clock.

Energy Saving Mode

Most importantly, Thinkware has the lowest current draw while parked than all other dash cams. The Thinkware camera U3000, U1000, and F790 dash cam will last for days in energy saving mode. Compare it to a dash cam with motion detection or time lapse. It will draw 1/13 to 1/40 of the current draw making it far more efficient in catching impact notifications while parked.

Motion Detection

Recording while parked is a great feature. Imagine going shopping for a few hours and coming back to your vehicle being hit or vandalized? With motion detection turned on, it will record any movement or impact around your vehicle. For example, it may even record another incident that happened to someone else.

GPS Information

The Dash Cam will embed GPS information into your video footage displaying speed, and location data. The GPS antenna also gives you red light and speed camera information. Approaching a speed camera the Thinkware camera will say “Speed camera in 500 metres, speed limit 50km an hour.”

Wi-Fi App

Thinkware dash cam has IOS or Android smartphone Wi-Fi app. Simply go to App store or Play store and download the correct app for your dash cam. It will allow you to change settings, and download videos to your phone.


Certainly, the U3000 delivers improved 4K front and 2K rear recording performance compared to the U1000. Firstly, thanks to Sony’s new STARVIS 2 sensor and a more powerful Ambarella CPU. Secondly, the addition of an adjustable bitrate offers the flexibility to record sharper footage. Thinkware U1000 uses Sony STARVIS 1 sensor for front and rear making it a great camera as well.

High Quality

Therefore, the Thinkware brand is committed to provide high-quality reliable dash cameras that will serve you for ages. When choosing dash cams, you can be sure that everything that is happening around your vehicle will be captured in the highest resolution imaginable. It will become your reliable companion that records all your driving scenarios whenever you are.

Above all, we offer a large selection including their signature U3000, U1000 model as well as F200 ProF790 dash cam and other ultimate cameras. If you are not sure what dash camera to choose, our dash cam experts will help you make the right decision. We are sure that we will serve you and accompany you in any events, be it an everyday ride to work or a long road trip.

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