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Why Thinkware?

Dash cams are cameras that are installed in cars to provide real-time evidence. These devices have recently gained massive popularity among passionate drivers seeking higher level of safety when driving. Therefore, Safe Drive Solutions team have selected the best dash cams on the market, such as Thinkware, to provide you with the largest selection and ensure you make the right choice.

Make the right choice!

When it comes to choosing a dash camera, one needs to pay attention to the brand of their future dash cam. At Safe Drive Solutions, we believe that Thinkware is one of the best brands on the market that offers the most optimal price-quality ratio. This is a South Korean brand founded back in 1997. At the moment, Thinkware is considered to be the world’s leading brand on the dash cam market which can be proved by both their popularity and the quality of their video devices.

High Quality

The Thinkware brand is committed to provide high-quality reliable dash cameras that will serve you for ages. When choosing dash cams, you can be sure that everything that is happening around your vehicle will be captured in the highest resolution imaginable. Thinkware dashcam will become your reliable companion that records all your driving scenarios whenever you are.


At Safe Drive Solutions, we offer a large selection of Thinkware dashcams including their signature U1000 model as well as F200 Pro, F790 and other ultimate cameras. If you are not sure what Thinkware dash camera to choose, our dash cam experts are always at your service to help you make the right decision. We are sure that Thinkware dash cam will durably serve you and accompany you in any events, be it an everyday ride to work or a long road trip.

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