Dual Front and Rear Dash Cams

Shop high-quality front and rear 2-channel dash cams now. Choose the one that fits you, and your car the best! Get a full picture of your driving to record everything from accidents to vandalism and hit-and-runs. With ultimate dual dash cams selected by the Safe Drive Solutions team.

Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash camera

Why Get a Front and Rear Dash Cam

There are innumerable reasons why people choose to have a video record of what goes on around their vehicles. Indisputable footage provides benefits like extra security while parked, a higher degree of accountability for drivers, and dash camera facing both directions can eliminate the guesswork of what might have happened in the event of an incident.

Accidents Don’t Always Come From the Front – We’ve Got Your Back

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, about 30% of all car crashes are rear end collisions. Especially while driving in busy areas or at times with a higher traffic density, all it takes is a couple of seconds of distraction to cause a rear end collision. Having a rear dash cam protects you from distracted or impaired drivers. These distractions can come from countless sources, including texting while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, dealing with kids or other passengers, or noticing something outside the vehicle.

Add Context to Driving Situations

Even the best, most experienced drivers need to take emergency measures at times while driving. They might need to swerve to avoid animals or road debris, speed up to pass a dangerous driver, avoid a collision, or countless other special circumstances. This is doubly true for teenagers and less experienced drivers, who may not yet have the skills and instincts built up to react to an emergent situation in the safest possible way. A rear camera in your dual dash cam system can show when cars behave erratically as they pass you. Crucial footage like which side and how quickly they approached your vehicle can make your case bulletproof for insurance, police officers, and the legal system.

Capture Road Events From the Front and the Rear

A dual dash camera system’s ability to view events from two angles gives a complete picture of what’s happening. With only one angle, there could be substantial blind spots, and it can be more difficult to gauge the velocity of other moving objects. Another benefit that many of the dual-channel cams have is GPS which gives you the option to put a speed stamp in the video. WiFi, parking mode, loop recording, and cloud-based storage are also some of the amazing features that our front and rear dash cams offer.

Safe Drive Solutions Only Stocks Cameras That Meet or Exceed Expectations 

All of our stock is hand selected and thoroughly tested by the owner and staff of Safe Drive Solutions to ensure that we only carry dash cams that offer the best quality and top performance for the price. this includes rigorous testing of night vision and light changing compensation. Your dual lens system won’t do you much good if the camera itself is poor quality.  If we test a camera and find that it does not hold up to our rigorous standards, we do not hesitate to permanently remove it from the stock. These measures help us to be proud of the products we sell and confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.


 Frequently Asked Questions 

Parking Mode – Will My Dual Dash Cam Record When the Car is Off? 

Yes. Dash cams record while in parking mode in case of an accident, vandalism, or a break-in while you are away from your vehicle. The more storage space you have on your SD card or other memory cards, the longer you will be able to record.

How to Hide Wires When Installing a Dash Cam With Rear Camera 

You can use tape or zip ties (and cut off the extra end) to secure the wires to the rearview mirror. From there, you can run the wire along the gap of the windshield, behind the visors, and down across the sides of the vehicle. However, your best bet is to have your dash cam expertly installed. 

What is the Best Front and Rear Dash Cam? 

That depends upon your budget and your specific needs. A 4k resolution camera, for example, will be more expensive than a Full HD resolution dash camera, but the image clarity will be much higher. All of the dash cams that Safe Drive Solutions carries feature extras like night vision, parking assistance, and motion detection, and the more expensive models will have more features.

For the best resolution on the market, we recommend the Thinkware U1000 4K resolution dash cam, or for a more budget-friendly option that still has excellent performance and features, we also carry the VIOFO brand and lower resolution dash cams. Other considerations, like how large of an sd card you need, can be addressed on an individual basis. Our pros can help!

How to Install Dash Cam Front and Rear 

If you purchase your dash cam from Safe Drive Solutions and live within our installation range, you don’t need to worry about installing your dash camera at all – we will come to your location and install it for you. Alternatively, you could come into our shop and have us install it there. If neither of these options is available, our staff can walk you through step-by-step installation instructions over the phone or by chat if you get stuck or have questions.

What Does 2-Channel” Mean? 

The term 2 Channels refers to the two different cameras in a dash cam. This can technically refer to a dash cam with front and interior-facing cameras as well, but it is much more commonly used to describe a dash cam with both a front and rear camera. Both cameras are able to work and record at the same time. Other types of dash cam include Single Channel and 3-Channel. Single Channel cameras are usually front facing but could be interior facing for Uber, Lyft, or taxi drivers. 3-Channel dash cams have front, rear, and interior facing cameras for maximum coverage. Contact Safe Drive Solutions to help you decide which type of dash cam is best for your needs.

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