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Shop our large selection of high-quality 3 channel dash cams now. Choose the one that fits you, and your car the best! Get a full picture of your driving to record everything from accidents to vandalism and hit-and-runs. With ultimate dual-channel dash cams selected by the Safe Drive Solutions team.

Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash camera

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3 channel dash cam? 

A 3 channel, sometimes called a car and driver dash cam or 3 way dash cam, includes a front facing, rear facing and interior facing camera. 3 channel dash cams give a much more complete picture of what’s going on in and around your vehicle than single channel or 2 channel dash cams. 

What is a “wide dynamic” car and driver dash cam? 

Wide dynamic range is a term used to describe a feature of high quality surveillance cameras. This feature allows your dash cam to capture images in both high light and low light situations. Even when there are bright and dark areas in the same image, wide dynamic lets you see a clear, detailed image rather than blurred and washed out footage due to the high contrast of lighting. 

Where should I mount the dash cam to view inside my car? 

According to expert sources, the best place to mount a dash cam for inside car viewing is to the center of the windshield, where the rearview mirror is. This gives you the best all around coverage while not impeding your vision while driving. In a 3 channel dash cam, the interior view camera is attached to the front and rear views, so they are mounted as one unit. A slight downward angle on your interior camera will help you see most of what’s going on in both the front and rear seats. 

Is night vision available for 3 channel dash cams? 

Yes. There are several models of 3 channel dash cams that feature infrared night vision.  

How long will a 3 channel dash cam record? Should I get a larger memory card? 

That depends on what type of dash cam and what size micro SD card you have. Higher resolution footage takes up more storage space, so the recording time will be shorter. The more GB of storage space you have on your micro SD card, the longer you’ll be able to record before the oldest footage is recorded over.

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