We had the opportunity to install a dash cam into a 2015 Nissan Leaf. Having done many EV vehicles before I was up to the challenge. My client asked me a lot of the common questions. For example, Will My Car Battery Die from Installing a Dash Cam? Please read our blog to find out more. Certainly, we are going to focus on the install on this post.

We start with a blank canvas. Nothing installed.

Power Connections

We do not always give away how we do our magic, but sometimes its best if we do. Firstly, you need to find power, ground, and ignition. Make sure you have a multi-meter so you can safely test wiring, I personally use a Snap-On. You do not need to go that fancy, but please don’t use a test light. Also, if you have no prior experience in wiring an automobile, please hire a professional. Last thing you want is to get stranded on the side of the road. On this vehicle I found power in the OBDII plug. Constant power pin 16, ignition power pin 8, and ground pin 4. We connect, solder, tape, and clean it up with Tesa tape.

Hide The Wiring

Most importantly, we need to hide the wiring in this Nissan Leaf Dash Cam Install. This can be tricky. Doing what we do requires some unique specialty tools. We start by taking the wiring and running it through the rear boot. We must take the grommet off, and fish the wire through. Make sure when done you seal up the boot properly or you may get unwanted water leaks.

rear grommet on nissan leaf

Make sure you remove the panel on the top of the hatch so you can run the wire to the rear window. Underneath that panel, it will allow you to fish the wire through and later hide the wires underneath it.

In the end you will get a final result that will look clean and free of wiring.

nissan leaf rear dash cam

Front Camera

For the front dash camera, it is important to tuck the wiring into the headliner, make sure you do not use anything sharp to do this. Typically, a plastic panel popper tool works well. Very important you do not apply pressure on the windshield as you may break it. Picture below shows wiring all tucked into headliner.

End Result

In short, you now get a dash cam installed just like the professionals. I tried showing as many pictures as I could to help you out and give you an idea of the process involved. Every vehicle is different, and some may be more challenging than others. If you can afford to hire a professional, I strongly recommend it.

Nissan Leaf Final Dash Cam Install

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