So, why would anyone want mobile dashcam install service? The real question should be why not?

The Retail Sales Call

Most frequently, a client calls a retail store. The phone call typically goes something like this:

Thank you for calling “Company name here” how can we help you today?

Customer says, “I would like a dashcam installed in my car.”

Salesman will ask “What type of vehicle make, model and year?”

Customer will respond. The salesman will then follow up with, “Please bring your vehicle down to the store so we can give you an accurate quote.”

So, now your driving 15-30 minutes one way to get a quote for your vehicle. They already know the price but they want you at the store so they can close you.

women on phone

Safe Drive Solutions Experience

Call, Email or Text us and we will respond with an estimate for your vehicle. If we feel we need to see your vehicle we can simply Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo or etc. With all the technology available why do we need to drive anywhere to see the vehicle. Occasionally, we may have more questions which we will ask.

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When you are offering a mobile dashcam install service weather can be a challenge. However, guess what we work in the rain, as long as it is not heavy downpour. No we do not have tents to cover your vehicle while we work. Some tents can be caught by the wind causing other damage to your vehicle. We even have special heated jackets to keep warm in cooler temperatures.

rain on car


Why drive somewhere? When we can drive directly to your home or business to complete the install. Save time driving around shop to shop getting estimates. Contact the Dash Cam Specialists today! Our professionals visit you to install your camera, meaning you don’t need to make unnecessary journeys while camera-less and unprotected. We use specialized tools and expert knowledge to give you the best mobile dashcam install service possible.

The Demo

Above all, when finished we spend 15-30 minutes showing you how the dash cam works.

For example:

  • How to pair your phone
  • Download a video
  • Change settings
  • In depth explanation on how it works
demo in car
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