With so many drivers on the road, often I get asked “Is a Dash Cam worth it? We are going to outline some of the benefits it can provide you.

Hit and run claims

A hit and run is when an unidentified driver hits your vehicle or you are injured, and leaves the scene of the collision. In BC, Canada ICBC states “If you are claiming vehicle damage and have ICBC Collision coverage you will have to pay your chosen Collision deductible, which could be as low as $300. If you have ICBC optional Hit and Run coverage​​ you will have to pay a $750 deductible.”

So the questions remains is a dash cam worth it? Some of my clients have had their deductible waived by proving innocence with dash cam footage. Imagine being blamed for something you did not do and having to pay for it? Well without a dash cam you are definitely paying your deductible. With a dash cam you will get a chance to tell your story.

hit and run collision car accident why you need a dash cam

Capture Evidence of Accident

Having a silent witness on the road through a dash cam recording can help prove fault in accidents. Knowing who is at fault can allow you to settle outside of court quickly so you can move on with your life. Dishonest drivers may flee the scene or lie when they realized they are at fault. Above all, without the dash camera it makes it a lot harder to prove innocence. Imagine you are sitting at the stop lights and the car in front of you reverses into you. As a result, you are at fault and have no way to prove innocence.

A friend of mine dash cam just saved him from a 50/50 insurance claim. His dash camera proved he was going through a green light and not running a red. Therefore, without the footage he would have been hoping for a witness. Video down below.

car accident
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Parents Can Monitor New Car Drivers

When you have a young driver on the road with a brand-new license as a parent, you go through a wave of emotions, both excited and terrified. While you know your teenager understands the rules of the road with an adult in the car, what will it be like when they go out on the road alone? Or even with friends in the car. You may not be able to be in the car with them as they go out on the road independently, but you can find a way to ensure that they are protected and accounted for. As you are considering different options, the choice to buy your teen a dash cam is an option that provides a range of helpful features.

Say your teen experiences an accident, and it isn’t evident which driver was liable; you can look at the footage of the dash cams to help determine who made a mistake. This can be especially helpful for young drivers who are still trying to understand how to utilize the guidelines of driving in practice without reminding them. Understandably, they may experience a few hiccups as they get used to driving on the road without someone to make suggestions when they may be doing something incorrectly.

Looking over the footage with your teen can also be a helpful way for them to understand what they need to work on when it comes to their driving. Like athletes and actors, it can be beneficial for drivers to look over how they were driving in different situations when they are starting to move on their own. Dash cams provide the ability to reflect on specific rules that need to be remembered more regularly. All great reasons on why to buy your teen a dash cam.


teen driving with parents


If you are worried about vandalism happening to your car. A few things we recommend to get best use out of a dash camera.

  • Let us know so we can properly advise you on best solution
  • To have 24 hour parking mode coverage we recommend a battery pack otherwise low battery protection will kick in and you wont capture any recordings
  • Look at dash cams with motion detection or time lapse mode
  • Talk to your insurance company to find out if they will waive your deductible if you prove innocence
vandalism to car caught on dash cam

Is a Dash Cam worth it?

In short, is a dash cam worth it? I think the decision is yours to make. We do not leave home without it. There is plenty of benefits that will assist you in your daily drive. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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