When the weather outside is frightful…make sure you’re well-equipped to stay safe. Rain, snow, and sleet make the roads slick and slippery each winter, and too many drivers lose control when their vehicle loses traction. Fortunately, installing a dash cam is one of the best ways to prepare for driving in inclement weather. It helps encourage safe driving, reduce insurance premiums, and provide supporting evidence in situations when you’re at a higher risk of getting into an accident or collision.

This winter, make sure you have your dash cam installed (and gift one to your friends and family for the holidays). Here are all the benefits you need to know.

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Winter weather creates dangerous situations

The winter months don’t offer stress-free driving. You’ll likely encounter all of the following:

  • Black ice: A type of ice that is totally transparent and undetectable because it camouflages with the road. If you encounter black ice, you’re in danger of sliding off the road or into other cars that have already collided. To avoid damage, don’t brake hard and steer as smoothly as possible. Most of all, stay calm and be careful near areas where black ice is common (often bridges and below overpasses).
  • Lack of visibility: Winter weather conditions can impair your vision behind the wheel. Do your best to keep your windshield defrosted and clear from winter road residue. Antifreeze window washer fluid is particularly helpful in clearing off any obstructed views. Your lights should also be kept clear as well, so everyone can see your headlights, brake lights, and turn signal lights. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will do this for their own vehicle.
  • Braking and accelerating: In winter conditions, braking and accelerating can create hazards are the road. Instead of braking hard on slippery surfaces, pump your brakes. This will help prevent your tires from locking, keep you in full control, and help prevent you from sliding off the road. Driving more slowly will also give you more time to react.

The elements are not always kind during the wintertime. Be prepared to modify your driving style with the confidence that your dash cam can catch any incidents that do occur for insurance purposes.

Not everyone has winter tires

While you may practice precaution, not everyone has winter tires when winter weather strikes. Winter tires have superior tread patterns that are designed to have better tractions on ice and snow. They employ soft rubber compounds to enhance grip and outperform all-season tires.

Unfortunately, you can’t control everyone else on the road. You can’t make sure they drive carefully or put winter tires on their car. However, you can make sure their actions are captured on camera if they do harm you or your vehicle. This is where your dash cam comes into play. Your dash cam is set at the perfect angles to record should anything happen.

Stay safe whether you’re driving or parked

A professional-installed dash cam never stops working for you. Your dash cam technician will make sure your dash cam is installed so you’re covered whether your car is in motion or parked. This way, even if a car veers off the road and hits your car when you’re not there, you have a record of what happened.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for the perfect dash cam to prepare for the winter? Dash cam specialists at Safe Drive Solutions are here to help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Visit here to learn more!

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