The summer is the perfect time to get away, and flying and traveling can be expensive and exhausting. In this blog, we’ll go over the 5 best highways to go for a cruise. Perfect for your family, friends, or that special someone. See all that California’s scenery and beautiful nature has to offer, and the best part is that it’s just a car ride away.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

You can’t talk about road trips without starting with California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway, otherwise known as highway one. This coastal drive bends and curves along the ocean and can take you to some of the most beautiful places in America. Whether you want to visit the rocky coast of Big Sur and feel like you’ve been transported to Ireland. Or get to the warm sunny beaches of Santa Barbara, or even do both, the PCH is beautiful through and through.

This is the perfect trip to take with your significant other. They’ll be so busy taking pictures they’ll forget that they were forced to stay inside all of the last summer. Something to note about this drive is that you’re going to want to take pictures of just about everything. Particularly in Big Sur where you’ll often see whales jumping out of the water. Like something out of Blue Planet or Free Willy. But these roads are all cliffside so it’s probably best if you just use a dash camera.

big sur pacific coast

Highway 78

If you’re looking for a drive-down hippie lane, Highway 78 is the place for you. You’ll hit Joshua Tree first, a place is known for its funky aesthetic and even funkier people. Joshua tree is like Burning Man if Burning Man happened all year round. With your gorgeous rocky deserts and seemingly never-ending blue sky, this is a trip you’ll want to record the whole way because the people are just as interesting as the landscape. If you can make it in the springtime, you won’t want to miss the wildflower super blooms that so beautiful they almost don’t seem real. One of our top best highways to go for a cruise hands down.

joshua tree

The Eastern Sierras

The Eastern Sierras or Highway 395 travels through the Sierra mountains and ends in gorgeous South Lake Tahoe. This drive is perfect for those who love snow-capped mountains, trees, and Black Bears. Kidding, although there are a lot of bears in the area, you likely won’t see them during this peaceful cruise. But hey, you never know what wildlife you’ll see and a great way to watch for it is to record this unforgettable drive with a dashcam.

There are tons of turn-offs you can take when traveling down highway 395, but Tahoe is an absolute must. With crystal clear waters and all the hiking, boating, and swimming you’ll never be bored and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it really is. One of the favorites to Tahoe visitors is a beach called Chambers, with a doc and sandy beaches this is a must for family and friends. If you’re ending your trip there, be sure to order the Chamber’s Punch, a blended cocktail that will have you diving into the cold water like it’s nothing.

eastern sierra mountains

Redding To Lassen Volcanic National Park

This is the perfect cruise to take with a friend or loved one. When you get to Lassen Volcanic national park, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the land before time. Surrounded by sky-high pine trees, the ground is cracked and edgy leading to hydrothermal sites. Making the water warm enough to swim in. This is a less visited place than the other drives mentioned, so if you’re wanting to miss the crowds this is the drive for you. Just cruise along, blast some old tunes, and pretend to be a geologist for the day. Who knows what you’ll find, but you can know it’ll be beautiful the whole way.

lassen volcanic national park

Tioga Pass

Tioga Pass or State Route 120 leads you straight to Yosemite National Park, arguably one of the most picturesque places in the world. This is a drive you can only do in summer because the highway closes when it gets snowy. Without leaving your car you can see meadows, and mountains, streams, lakes, and rivers. This drive is perfect for the traveler who wants to see and experience major elevation, reaching almost 10,000 feet. Just think of the amazing pictures and footage you can record with your dashcam while driving along and explore Yosemite’s beautiful landscape.

tioga pass


Go to California and experience the 5 best highways to go for a cruise. Relax, slow down, and live. Enjoy the moment for “When you live for every second, tomorrow doesn’t matter.”

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