Dash Cam Install Toyota Rav 4

Dash Cam Install Toyota Rav 4

Did you know the Toyota Rav 4 has been in production for 25 years? As a result, this is the granddaddy of all cross overs. This vehicle is so popular it is available in an off-road, hybrid, or sport model. I know a lot of clients are having troubles getting their hands on one of these vehicles. People are waiting months due to the supply chain shortage. When you do finally get your vehicle. We recommend protecting your Toyota with a dash cam install.

Which One to Choose

With so many dash cameras to choose from nowadays it can be confusing. I often get asked to install the $69 special from Amazon. A couple things about this camera. It does not come with a hardwire cable, no SD card in the box, and there is no retailer I know of selling them locally. So, getting tech support or customer service is a challenge. Support your local retailer. Look for units with night vision, 1080P resolution, parking mode, speed, and location data.



Safety Features

With so many safety features on this new vehicle make sure your Toyota gets a dash cam install. This vehicle comes equipped with Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist. If you start to drift out of your lane, the steering assist function will provide a small correction and put you back in your lane. Should the unexpected happen, this vehicle comes equipped with 8 airbags. Never mind the fact this vehicle also has parking assistance to help back up, back out, or back in. Perfect for all around safety.

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Getting a dash cam installed does not need to be a complicated process. Make sure you hire a professional. Our customer in Surrey BC outfitted their Toyota with a QA100 Elite dash camera. During the install we were able to make sure not to interfere with any of the safety features. We hid the wiring in the headliner, a pillar, and under the dash. When we finished, we then explained to the client how to pair their phone, download videos, and change settings.

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Anyone can get a deal on a dash camera or just buy one. The true art comes in getting a unit professionally installed and having someone teach you how to use it. Buying a dash cam from Safe Drive Solutions is an experience.

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