Why Get Professional Dash Cam Installation

Why Get Professional Dash Cam Installation

Professional dash cam installation is vitally important to ensuring that your camera functions at top capacity. A dash cam is a camera mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard. It is designed to accurately record the details of the road. Most individuals invest in them to be their “silent witness” and to serve as a record of vehicle accidents or hit and runs. Unfortunately, dash cams aren’t particularly helpful unless they’re properly installed.

Here are the 4 reasons why you need your dash cam professionally installed.

Optimal location

Professional dash cam installation always places your camera in a position for ideal safety and security. When driving with a dash cam, you never want to obstruct your field of view, and thus the best spot for your dash cam is either behind the rear-view mirror or off to one side. This positioning is also ideal for capturing the correct camera angles. Your experienced technician is knowledgeable about how to install your cameras in the optimal locations quickly and effectively. 

Concealed wiring

While you can install your dash cam yourself, chances are you wouldn’t be able to do it without having excess wiring in your car. A professional dash cam installation makes all of the right connections and routes your dash cam safely through your vehicle. Your dash cam technician can remove the proper trim panels to conceal wiring and avoid interfering with safety systems like airbags in the dash, a-pillars, b-pillars, and headliner. Your cigarette lighter will also remain free, which will help your car maintain a clean and tidy look. This makes your dash cam a safe addition to your vehicle (not a hazard!).

Numerous camera angles 

When you have a dash cam, your goal is to capture as much going on around your vehicle as you can. However, if you don’t have it installed properly, then you may not be maximizing its functions. For example, if you only plug your dash cam into the cigarette lighter, then it can lose certain features. Luckily, with our professional dash cam installation, we ensure that all angles are captured, that the camera is on at the correct times, and that you can record while parked.

Quality service

Too many people worry about getting the lowest price when it comes to dash cam installation. They want to find the cheapest camera and believe that they can install it themselves to save a few bucks. Sadly, these buyers never make the most of their dash cam purchase. It’s far better to buy quality products and invest in quality installation than to get the best price. 

Pro tip: Don’t go with the lowest price. Go with the quality service that can capture the moments that can save you money down the road.

Final thoughts

Professional dash cam installation is an investment in the function of your camera. While you can install yourself, having an experienced and skilled professional do it for you will ultimately maximize all of its functions. Safe Drive Solutions is here to help you with all of your dash cam needs. Visit here for more information about our Thinkware Dash Cams as well as our dash cam installation services.


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