Dash Cam Upgrade Porsche Taycan

Dash Cam Upgrade Porsche Taycan

Our client from White Rock, BC contacted us about dash cam upgrade for their Porsche Taycan. Did you know this vehicle set the indoor land speed record of 102.65 miles per hour? The Taycan has 750 horsepower, and can go from zero to 60mph in 2.6 seconds. That is a well-oiled machine, without the oil of course. To compliment this high performance car, we installed a Thinkware QA100 Elite dash camera.

Can You Install A Dash Cam In An Electric Vehicle?

Working on an electric vehicle is not much different than your gas vehicle. There is still a fuse box, 12-volt wiring, and a battery. To some people it may seem challenging, here at Safe Drive Solutions we have access to vehicle wiring info to assist us. I also drive an electric vehicle and have had a dash camera installed for over 2 years now. All our dash cameras also have low battery protection built in, to protect your vehicles battery.

How Will it look?

Everyone always ask us if we are going to hide the wiring? How will it look when finished? Will there be wires everywhere? Will it obstruct my view? Let’s be clear dash cameras are designed to improve your safety. If they were a big video camera on your windshield it would block your view and would be deemed unsafe. Most dash cameras are small and not much more than 4 inches wide. Majority of the time they can be easily hidden behind your rear-view mirror, just like this dash cam upgrade in the Porsche. Try and find the wiring, it is all hidden in headliner, a-pillar, and under dash panels.

Thinkware QA100 Elite

The Thinkware QA100 Elite is an excellent dash cam option for your car as it can continue recording when your vehicle is parked. This camera records incidents that are far more likely to happen when you are not around. It ultimately gives you the upper hand in any legal disputes, as well as when dealing with insurance. It is becoming increasingly common for your insurance company to ask for video evidence. And our one-of-a-kind product has already helped multiple clients deal with incidents.

Traffic Camera Notifications

All the Thinkware dash cameras we sell have the capability of informing you when approaching red light or speed cameras. When you have a high-performance car like this, it is pretty easy to step on that pedal and go. It is also equally as important that you are reminded of the speed limit at upcoming intersections. The last thing anyone wants is a ticket.

cars driving by with red light and speed camera

Polarized Filter

We installed a polarized filter which gives you superior video quality by eliminating windshield glare and reducing reflections. Moreover, it corrects imperfect or overexposed footage, enhances colour saturation, and improves clarity. If you own a set of polarized sunglasses, you will easily relate.

Super Night Vision

The night vision will allow your dash cam to adjust exposure in low light environments automatically. It ensures your video quality remains excellent in all conditions.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi allows drivers to adjust settings and download footage via your mobile phone. There is an app available on android and apple operating systems.

Security LED

Acting as a deterrent to thieves, the front camera flashes LED light to indicate the presence of a dash camera.

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