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Thinkware TWA-SH is a hardwire cable- for Dash Cams with unique features and functions. When installed or connected to the vehicle's electrical system, TWA-SH hardwiring cable becomes configured to your Dash Cams power supply. The battery power of your Dash Cams will last longer with this hardwiring cable. It enables the energy of Dash Cams, drain slowly. A Dash Cams is more useful when in parking mode, especially if the driver is away from it. TWA-SH hardwiring cable is the best option for your Dash Cams.

TWA-SH hardwire cable is for thinkware Dash Cams and is compatible with most thinkware dash cams.


Continuous recording when in parking mode: 

With TWA-SH hardwiring cable, you no longer need to be bothered about your vehicle when it is in parking mode. Once connected to your vehicle, this hardwiring cable configures the power supply of your Dash Cams to drain slowly. This enables the Dash Cams to record videos continuously.

Enables Dash Cams power module to monitor voltage level: 

This feature saves the vehicle's battery from draining. TWA-SH enables the power module of a dash to monitor voltage level and automatically shuts off to prevent the battery of the vehicle from draining.

Note: Professional installation is recommended

Installation of the hardwiring cable to your vehicle’s fuse panel enables the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode in your THINKWARE Dash Cam, while you are away from your vehicle. To learn more, you can watch this hardwiring installation tutorial. Compatible with all THINKWARE Dash Cam models except for the F550.

Built-in Parking Surveillance Modes

  • Motion Detection
  • Impact Detection
  • Time Lapse Mode*
  • Energy Saving Mode*

*Available on Select Dash Cams

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