Dashcam Installation Process

Our mobile installation service means you don’t have to risk driving anywhere without a dash cam.


So, you booked a dash cam install appointment with Safe Drive Solutions. There is lots of questions we would like to answer so you are prepared.

What should I expect? How do I pay? Is there an app I download to my phone? How long will it take to install?

During, the course of this page we will answer those questions and more.


Firstly, we email you a sales order. It will give you break down of product and agreed price with taxes.

This is merely a work order, and we collect no payment.


Most days we have 2 to 5 appointments scheduled. As a result, our first appointment we will contact upon arrival at your house or business. All dash cam install appointment that follow we will give an expected time of arrival. For example, we may tell you that we will arrive between 12-1pm. However, sometimes we are done sooner and will text or call you to see if an earlier arrival works in your schedule. Occasionally, we may run behind on an install. If that happens we will communicate and let you know.


Upon arrival we will show you the dash cam, answer any questions you may have, and we will go over the vehicle with you. For instance, we will give our recommendations for dash cam placement. Our tools are on wheels which allows us to bring them with us wherever we go. Important things to know:

  • The drivers door needs to be able to open all the way
  • Average install time is 1-2 hours on most vehicles
  • Vehicle wiring information is available to us and researched
  • We will need the vehicle key so we can test our wiring
  • Yes we hide the wires in the vehicle behind paneling
  • Some vehicles do require us to remove paneling, but don’t worry they clip back in
  • We solder and tape all wires, but occasionally use fuse taps


For a more efficient dash cam install appointment we recommend downloading the specific app for your dash camera.


All Viofo Dash Cams

Thinkware App

F200Pro / F790 / U3000 / Q200

Thinkware Cloud App

U1000 / F800 Pro / QA100 Elite


X11 / X30 / T10S2

Vueroid App

D21 4K

Other Brands

Please look at your App Store


Above all, when finished we spend 15-30 minutes showing you how the dash cam works.

For example:

  • How to pair your phone
  • Download a video
  • Change settings
  • In depth explanation on how it works

To sum up, this is offered for all Thinkware, Viofo, Vueroid and IROAD dash cameras.


In short, we email an invoice with a big “PAY NOW” button. It is payable via Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX, and done online securely. We also now have a machine to accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex, Lastly, we do accept Cash, and E-Transfer.

payment machine


In conclusion, if you have any questions please call or text 604-299-7758 (Vancouver) 647-968-7233 (Toronto) or email info@safedrivesolutions.com . Above all, Thank You for choosing Safe Drive Solutions.

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