What to do after a Car Accident?

Car accidents happen all the time. Some people will say they will never get into an accident. So let’s think of how we can prepare for the unexpected.

Do not move your vehicle unless it is blocking traffic

Put on your hazard lights to warn other drivers. Safety should be your #1 priority.

Assist anyone who is injured

Call an Ambulance/Police as soon as possible. Avoid moving an injured person as you might aggravate their injuries. Seek medical attention for your own injuries. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not appear for hours or even days after the accident.

Exchange names, addresses and insurance particulars

With all drivers involved make sure to get the names and addresses of as many witnesses as possible. Obtain the names and addresses of any passengers. Record the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved.

Retrieve Dash Cam Footage

Log into your dash cam and download your footage to you phone or remove the SD card to view on your computer when you get home or work. (Do not give the police your dash cam footage) I would recommend sending them a copy of the footage so you have the original at a later date. If they lose the SD card or your footage you cannot prove your innocence. Some dash cam footage also cannot be viewed by just plugging the SD card into a computer. You may need special desktop software to view it which I would recommend talking to your dash cam provider or manufacturer. For our clients Safe Drive Solutions we have a support page with all downloads for easy accessibility.

Do not admit or deny any fault for the accident

You should not discuss the accident with anyone except the police, and your lawyer. Therefore, many times I thought i was at fault and was not.

Make detailed notes about the accident

Draw a sketch showing the position of each vehicle at the time of the accident. Write down any statements made by other drivers or passengers.

Report the accident to your insurance company

It is important to communicate with your insurance company sooner rather than later. One of the key steps after a car accident.

Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle

The more pictures you can take, the better. Using your phone to take pictures is usually sufficient enough. If you can clean the vehicle before taking pictures it will show more detailed damage.

Upload videos and pictures to your insurance company

Make sure to submit dash cam video footage and pictures to show your side of the story. You will be surprised how some information yet so little can prove innocence.

If you have been injured, call a Lawyer for a free consultation

You may be entitled to compensation. I know for myself I was involved in 2 car accidents that were not my fault and I was seeing a physio, chiropractor, massage therapist for a year or so after a car accident. Some of my injuries are minor but I still have small side effects 14 years later. At least once a year I still go to the chiropractor for an adjustment.


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