Dash cams are very useful. It records virtually even while parked. Are you curious to know about the ‘Parking Mode?’ It is available in premium dash cameras that it provides protection around-the-clock, and you can enjoy vehicle surveillance at all times.

What is the dash cam parking mode?

Parking mode is when a dash cam stays inside a vehicle powered. It is a feature that works as a surveillance system when the vehicle is not in running condition. Parking mode means the dash cam is efficient to know the parking place of the vehicle. It has GPS built-in.

The dash cam enters video recording and records video files constantly to the memory card as you are driving. However, with the feature of parking mode, the dash cam detects automatically your vehicle is in parked-mode. At such a point, a dash cam is on high alert for any motion or movement. Any object or person passing near the vehicle can experience an impact through the built-in G-sensor, that the dash cam springs into action, and all the events are saved into the memory card. Thus, only useful recordings are in the memory card as a storage.

The less advanced dash cams do not feature the functionality of true parking mode. It records everything happening in the surroundings and your vehicle. It does not wait for any impact or motion.  As it records anything and everything, there is a need to have a large memory card to hold footage of several hours. If not, the important events may get overlapped, and saving the essential footage may go out of hand.

How is dash cam parking mode useful?

Your vehicle burglary happens when you are sleeping or away from your vehicle. It means you should install an alarm system to alert you. Now, you can opt for a dash cam installation as an anti-theft device. It works as an evidence to know who broke into and at what time. Some of the units even have a blinking led light you can turn on for a deterrent.

On a busy street, sideswiping of vehicles is common. Having a parking mode enabled dash cam is helpful to claim the insurance, instead of bearing it on own. The evidence will make the insurance company, or the culprit liable to bear the expenses. The dash cam parking mode feature is useful even in a hit and run case, when your car is not in function.

The parking mode ensures, peace of mind on leaving your car unattended. The dash cam in parking mode captures the events. It also averts vandalism as there is a blinking light or a visible camera lens that compels people to accept their fault in situations such as a hit and run. Dash cams in the parking mode is capable of capturing video events such as time-lapse imagery or thunderstorms and lightning.

The parking mode is useful for personal use and commercial vehicles. It gives the fleet owner to keep a check on the drivers on the road. The parking mode features enables checking when the engine is working or shut off. Even if a vehicle gets stolen, the dash cams record in the parking mode gives enough security while parked. You can decide if your drivers are accountable or if you must monitor vehicles.

The dash cams work with the operation of the vehicle. However, if you want the parking mode to work, it should stay constantly connected to a power source. If so, it keeps working, even when your vehicle engine is off.

Wrapping Up

Now, learning about the dash cams record while parked with the parking mode feature ensures you make an informed decision while buying one. Look for outstanding performance of parking mode and if there are any more additional features of parking mode.

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