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We are your Toyota Dash Cam Installation Professionals. If you’re within our Vancouver or Toronto dash cam installation service area hire us to take care of your vehicle. Shop one of our many dashcam solutions for your Toyota. We’ll come to you and install your dash camera on-site. Above all, our mobile installation service means you don’t have to risk driving anywhere without a dash cam.

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Toyota Dash Cam vs Aftermarket

Did you know Toyota offered a factory front dash camera? It was first introduced in early 2018 as a high-quality 1080P camera, sporting features such as loop recording, parking surveillance, and the ability to protect the video in the event of impacts.

For the low price of $700 it could be yours. Spoiler alert: we have removed more Toyota factory cameras than we could count! They just haven’t been able to stand the test of time. 

In 2018, Thinkware, one of Korea’s most trusted dash camera manufacturers released the FA200. Below we compare the Thinkware FA200 Front vs Toyota Genuine Camera, as they were released the same year. 

Feature Thinkware FA200 Toyota Factory Thinkware U3000
Parking Recording Options 3 1 4
Parking Recording Type

Motion Detection

Time Lapse

Energy Saving: Wakes up on impact only

Energy Saving: Wakes up on impact only

Motion Detection

Time Lapse

Energy Saving: Wakes up on impact only

Radar Mode

Recording Quality 1080p 1080p 4K
Memory Capacity 16GB up to 128GB 16GB 64GB up to 256GB
Upgrades Available

Polarized Lens

Optional rear camera 720p

None Available

Polarized Lens

Optional rear camera 2K

Total Average Cost With Installation *$400 *$700 *$700

* following industry standard pricing of 2 Hours labour at $100/hour.

As we can see from the comparison, you can easily save $300, have more parked recording options to suit your lifestyle, optional rear camera for greater protection; it’s a no-brainer to purchase an aftermarket camera system installed by Safe Drive Solutions. Or upgrade to a new 2024 dashcam model with higher resolution, and better technology.

Toyota History + Fuse Box Wiring

What started as a wooden handloom textile machine manufacturer in 1890, would become one of Japan’s largest automotive manufacturers. Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Industries Corporation, built the first automobile of its kind in 1935. Fast forward to 2024, approximately 11.23 million vehicles were sold globally. The iconic Camry and Corolla are their top-selling models worldwide. Nearly 200,000 vehicles were delivered in Canada alone!


With so many Toyota vehicles in Canada, you can bet we’ve worked on your model before. As technology advanced to make cars more gas efficient, many manufacturers including Toyota migrated to the use of low-profile fuses. Smaller fuses meant reduced height and weight, allowing for less metal materials required to build a fuse box. Below is a common Toyota fuse box covered by a nicely printed plastic cover. 

toyota fusebox cover

As nice as the cover may be, this poses a challenge for additional electrical accessories. The fuse box is often located above the footrest or clutch pedal aka the millennial anti-theft. As professionals, we hardwire your camera by splicing it into existing circuits in the vehicle. 

Other professionals may proceed with fuse taps, however, the fuse tap sticks out like a sore thumb; and can easily become dislodged accidentally with a foot. That cover with all the fuse markings? Well, that can no longer be used due to the added height. Our installation methods ensure whoever peeks under the dash, can’t tell any modifications have been done to your vehicle. 

toyota fusebox with fuse tap


 Don’t have one? Browse our selection of Dash Cams for your Toyota and contact us for a package price with installation. 

dash cam selection
lifetime install guarantee


We guarantee our installation workmanship for life. We solder all connections and only use the highest quality shop materials.

service guarantee


If you are not happy with the product we supplied and installed, we will exchange it for a different unit within 30 days.

fully insured


We have business insurance to cover us. Get it installed with confidence. We are insured to work on vehicles up to $250,000.

on site technician


Our technicians come to you and install on-site. So, you do not have to drive your Toyota around without dash cam protection.

free demo


We will show you how to pair your phone, download videos, and change settings. Making you feel comfortable.

install average time


Most Dash Cam installations take 1-2 hours. We will hide the wires, run the wires behind your airbag, and hardwire it.

srs airbags


Our technicians run the wires safely behind the airbag.

battery pic


All of our dashcams are installed with low battery protection. If it drops below a set voltage, the dash camera will shut off to protect the battery of your car.

shop materials high quality


Using 3M Super 33 electrical tape to cover solder connections. Also, tesa fleece wire harness tape to hide wiring and make it blend in with factory wiring.

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