IROAD Powerpack Pro 12 Battery Pack


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IROAD Powerpack Pro 12 Battery Pack

IROAD Powerpack Pro dashcam Battery Pack

Stay Protected with IROAD Powerpack Pro 12 Battery Pack for extended parking mode recordings. This battery pack will record up to 60% longer than other products available. Rated at 12,000 mah all you need to do is drive to charge it up.

  1. Power Rating– 12000mah / 153Wh
  2. Charging Time – 90 min (high) – 180 min low
  3. Smartphone app – No (it uses a digital display)
  4. Dimensions -6.29” x 10” x 1.69”
  5. Expandability– No you can not. Generation 2 removed expansion in place of USB port.


Second Generation Intelligence BMS

Providing more intelligent security with Battery Management System.

powerpack pro intellgent bms

Rapid Charging Sustainable External Battery

The IROAD powerpack pro, which is designed with LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate). It applies a quick charging tech that affects no lifespan of the battery. So, it can be used up to 77 hours with 90 minutes of charging.

iroad powerpack pro lifespan

Multiple Safety Lock System

Double protection system for high temperature, overcharge, and over voltage short-circuit protection and cell balancing. Therefore, It automatically cuts off the power for security matter after inspecting the battery's temperature. In short, it accurately controls the voltage and balance between cells safely with the circuits designed to prevent overcharge and over voltage.

battery pack protection

Above all, the LiFePO4 battery, has 3 times longer lifespan than Lithium-ion and nickel based batteries. In addition, to having excellent stability against fire and explosion, and can be charged more than 2000 times.

Digital Display

Most importantly, you are able to see the charging and battery state through OLED display.

iroad powerpack digital display

Compressed Aluminum Full-Case & Simple Slim Design

Moreover, the heat dissipation system has been reinforced through the aluminum compression case. It has upgraded durability, and is sturdy with sand treated exterior material. This slim design makes it easy to fit in your automobile.

USB Output Port

Powerpack Pro can also be used to charge other devices. Some customers even use it to power a hotspot for CLOUD enabled dash cameras.

powerpack pro usb port

Average Dash Cam Battery Pack Record Times

Most importantly, take a look at how the IROAD powerpack Pro 12 battery pack compares to others in the market. Firstly, it can record up to 50 days in energy saving mode with a Thinkware U3000. Secondly, 24.5 hours with a Viofo A229 pro 3 channel. Lastly, over 70 hours with a 1 channel dash camera.

battery pack comparison chart

How The IROAD Powerpack Pro 12 Compares

dash cam battery pack comparison guide

iroad powerpack pro package contents



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