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Shop dash cam resolution at Safe Drive Solutions now! We only stock HD 1080p dash cams that we can put our reputation behind. Choose the dash camera that fits you and your vehicle best, or get a consultation from our experts. Thinkware, IROAD and GNET dash cameras all made in Korea.

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Safe Drive Solutions 1080p HD Dash Cams

Relying on your memory alone to record what happens on the road can be hard and can often lead to misinterpretation. Dash cams provide a second, flawless memory that you can rely on in the case of insurance claims, police reports, or monitoring family members’ driving. While higher resolution dash cams might add more detail to videos, 1080p dash cams will capture situations and crashes with more than adequate information.

Many users get a little focused on the single feature of resolution when in reality resolution is only one part of capturing a good image and creating a useful safety tool for your vehicle. Glare and low-light adjustments, for example, can make for better image capture, even with a lower resolution. (Arguable these features are more important than resolution alone.)

An FHD 1080p dash cam can have many features, like a G-sensor that monitors movement around your vehicle, HDR that captures visible images in complex lighting situations, or wireless connectivity to your phone. These features can be as or more important than resolution when you need a comprehensible capture of driving situations.

And rest assured, 1080p is high-quality video footage, and will clearly capture your journey details while driving.

These (and more) are the features that make 1080p dash cams a worthy purchase.

What is 1080p Resolution?

The quantity of pixels in a picture is called resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer and more crisp the video footage.

So 1080p resolution has 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 vertically. In total, the resolution has 2,073,600 pixels (1920*1080).

This is relatively low compared to a 4K resolution(4k has 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 vertically and 8,294,400 (3840*2160) pixels, but it still provides clear video and is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly dash cam.

How Many Hours Does a 1080p Dash Cam Hold

The size of your SD card determines the recording capacity of your 1080p dash cam.
So, this is the amount of time you can record before transferring the data to a removable hard drive:

  • 8 GB lasts 55 minutes
  • 16 GB last 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • 32 GB lasts 3 hours and 40 minutes
  • 64 GB lasts for 7 hours and 20 minutes.

As a reminder, you must transfer the data before the SD card is full otherwise the SD card may delete some footage to make room for more.

What is the Best FHD1080p Dash Cam?

The best FHD 1080p dash cam depends on your budget, need, quality, and energy efficiency.

For example, Safe Drive Solutions has the Thinkware F200PRO Dual Dash Cam. It records clear 1080p videos with perfect color balance and increased contrast. However, if you need GPS enabled on your dash cam, you’ll need to purchase that separately.

On the other hand, the Blackvue DR750X has 1080p resolution but carries a slew of additional features. in addition to having a rear camera, it has built-in LTE and Wi-FI for cloud connectivity, the Sony STARVIS image sensors (arguably the clearest on the market), and can even work as a hotspot for your smartphone.

Your perfect dash cam will be the one that meets your needs, 1080p or not.

Is a 1080p Dash Cam Worth It?

A dash cam is so much more than just its resolution, and Safe Drive Solutions only stocks the products that we believe are the best on the market, at all levels. Any of the 1080p dash cams listed here are absolutely worth it and will allow you to capture high-quality footage at a reasonable price.

Some 1080p dash cams will have built-in GPS to detect sudden changes in pressure or vibrations during an accident or collision. Others will work as a mobile hotspot. Yet others will have built-in memory and battery. Many will have a mix of features. It all comes down to which camera is right for you.

We ship anywhere to the US or Canada and provide the dash cam installation at an additional cost, so get a quote today for free for your HD 1080p dash cam! If you are looking for higher resolution check out our 2K and 4K resolution.

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