VIOFO CPL Filter Ver 1


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VIOFO CPL Filter Ver 1

VIOFO CPL Filter Ver 1 FOR A119V2/A119V3/A119MINI2/A129 DUO/A129 PRO DUO/A129 PLUS DUO.

The CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) is suitable for both front and rear lens. Protect camera lens from finger prints, scratches and dirt destroying. Reduce reflections and glare from glass, metals or shiny surfaces that would damage image quality, this works in the same way as polarized sunglasses. Make colors more saturated and videos more beautiful. It can be used during day time and at night.

VIOFO CPL For A119V2/A119V3/A119MINI/A119MINI2/A129 Duo/A129 Pro Duo/A129 Plus Duo Front & Rear DashCam

How to install the CPL for your dashcam? Please refer to the steps mentioned in the following picture.

cpl filter


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