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For good quality footage on a Dash Cam, the flares from the lens, light reflection, and windshield glares need to be controlled. Thinkware polarized lens guarantees the clarity of a video recording. It provides an improved video recording quality with your Dash Camera. The issue of having unclear video recordings with your Dash Cam, due to extreme brightness, such as, glares, unwanted light reflections, and windshield glares can be handled by simply installing a thinkware polarized lens. The improved features on this filter make it a must-have for all thinkware dash cam owners.

TWA-CPL is a combination of exclusive designs current trends. The installation of Thinkware polarized filter is simple and can be done by the user or by a professional installer. It is totally up to the individual.


Improved color clarity:

The colour captured in the video recording by your Dash Cam can be more enhanced by simply installing its filter. Worrying about not being able to read the recordings clearly, due to bad coloration ends once you get the Thinkware polarized filter installed.

Improved video quality: 

Need a better video recording quality, rather than what your Dash Cam is giving you? All you need is this unique thinkware polarizing filter. It improves the video recording quality of your Dash Cam.

Improved light exposure: 

The right light exposure provides your video recording with the best outcome. Installation of Thinkware polarized filter will give your video recordings the right contrast and eliminate unwanted light spots.

Reduce glare: 

TWA-CPL reduces the glare in a recorded video. it reduce the intense bright light in your video recordings by installing thinkware  polarized filter.

The best part about Thinkware circular polarizing filter is that it is compatible with FA200, QA100, and U1000 Dash cameras.

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