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Why would you buy a GNET Dash Cam? This maybe a new brand name to you but for many people overseas it is one of the top choices. Firstly, GNET mission is to improve driver safety as a leader in dash cam business.  Secondly, they want to bring more awareness to car accidents. Their goal is to reduce car accidents by using technology on dash cam. Shop Dash Cam GNET at Safe Drive Solutions.

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Why GNET Dash Cam?

Low Battery Protection

All GNET dash cams have low battery protection. You can set it for as low as 11.3 volts or as high as 12.3 volts, know your battery is protected with GNET.

Night Vision

Another great advantage is night vision, you can enhance your recording in dark environments or at night. Brighten your image so you can see more while others will see less.

High Temperature Test

All GNET dash cams have passed the high temperature test. Meanwhile, a lot of other brands will shut down or fail leaving you dash camera less.

Parking Mode

The hardwire cable is included with every unit, giving you the ability to record while parked. Recording impacts, motion detection, or various events.

PC Viewer

Bring your SD card into the house and view it on your desktop, or laptop. However, take advantage of the zoom, or partial zoom function and see what you have been missing.

Smartphone App

Download videos directly to your phone or share them to social media. Better yet submit a video to prove someone’s innocence. Above all, change settings, or do firmware updates.

Cloud Service

Certainly, do not forget that some of the units come equipped with cloud capabilities. You can live stream, GPS track, monitor statistics, and add a Geo-Fence.

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