Will a dash camera pick up a license plate? Great question. A lot of manufacturers will tell you their dash camera will every time. Let’s explore a few real world examples.

professional photographer

Professional Photographer

For example, remember that special day you got married. I hired a professional photographer. They show up with their $5000 SLR digital camera. It has the special wide angle lens, tripod, Filters, and etc. Furthermore, they bring you to a botanical garden, and plan for you to be there at optimal time. Subsequently, you get the best pictures.

wedding photos

With a dash camera you are not able to tell the car to slow down. Or hey let’s do this accident at 2pm not 11am as the light is reflecting off your license plate. Therefore, causing you not to be able to record it. We do not have that liberty. In short, the main focus is proving your innocence, and showing video evidence you did not cause the accident.

Here is some food for thought. Common challenges include:

  • Light reflecting off other vehicles, windows, bumper, & license plate
  • Sunlight shining directly onto your dash camera lens
  • Reflections from your windshield

Will a Dash Camera Pick Up License Plates?

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Yes & No

So, that leaves us with the main question, Will a dash camera pick up license plate? Firstly, yes it will record license plates but it depends on the conditions around you. Secondly, no it will not when there are too many reflections. Lastly, get a 2K or 4K dash camera for a higher chance of getting that information.

To sum up, focus on proving your innocence to the insurance company and do not worry so much about getting a license plate. Furthermore, video evidence will provide you with peace of mind.

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