What jobs use a dash cam? The roads are getting busier. Therefore, let’s explore some of the different jobs.

Uber / Lyft / Taxi Driver

Driving around people is your specialty. You may pick someone up from work and drop them off at home. Your whole world is one big map of streets filled with turns, traffic lights, stops and starts. I personally rely on Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze to get around. However, you know the city like the back of your hand. As a result, you have plenty of great conversations with your passengers. But not every ride goes to plan. Therefore, you need something to monitor your passengers in case of any challenges.

We recommend investing in an interior dash cam. It allows you to monitor what is going on and gives you peace of mind for your job. If there is any abuse whether be physical or verbal, you can record and have proof. Some of my clients have had interiors of their vehicles vandalized and were able to go back and review the footage to see who it was. This is one of the top jobs for using a dash cam.

uber taxi dash cam

Truck Driver

Your job brings products from all over the world. You travel from USA to Canada bringing truckloads across the border daily. Or maybe you focus on local deliveries. Above all, the job requires many hours driving. Navigating through traffic can be stressful. Meanwhile, you need to balance sleeping, eating and on time delivery to keep your clients happy.

Firstly, driving a truck is not easy. Plenty of other drivers on the road cut them off. Forgetting they have a huge load they are carrying. Using a dash cam in this job is crucial. If someone cuts you off causing an accident you can catch it on video proving your innocence. Secondly, it also helps if the truck driver is at fault, it helps to settle out of court quickly. Insurance companies encourage truck drivers and fleets to invest in a dash cam.

truck driver

Delivery Driver

Guaranteed delivery in 20 minutes or its free. In other words, you drive around fast and know every shortcut in the local neighbourhood. After all, your mission is to get that Pizza there while it is still hot. Skip the dishes, UBER Eats, Door Dash, all offer food delivery to your door. Don’t forget Amazon, UPS, and grocery stores, as E-commerce sales continue to grow. The roads are getting more and more crowded. As more people drive, the higher the chance of an accident happening. Convenience is key. Lots of companies are adapting and delivering everything right to your door.

In short, with so many drivers on the road, having a dash cam will protect you. In addition, mistakes happen so look out for your best interest. Know what happened.


During, your day you travel to site, whether it be road, home, or commercial construction. For example, your job may require you to park on the side of the road or drive long distances depending on where work is that week. You may have heavy duty machinery, delivery trucks, cement mixers, drive in or around your vehicle frequently. Accidents can happen, it only takes a second for one of these vehicles to back into you, sideswipe, or cause damage. With a dash cam you can set it up to record while parked catching any incidents that may happen.

cement mixer construction site
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