DashCam Resolution Comparison

DashCam Resolution Comparison

1080P vs 2k vs 4k

If you’re scouring the internet in search of the latest dash camera technology, you may run into a few confusing tech specs. Dashcam resolution is one of the most important specifications to pay attention to, as these will affect the video quality. Good video quality can mean the difference between capturing every single aspect of an incident, or capturing a blurry moment in time. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few of the important things to know about dashcam resolution.


There are many different dashcam resolutions on the market currently, 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4k. At Safe Drive Solutions, we offer a whole range of models varying from 1080p, 2k, and 4k resolution dashcams. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. This is important for capturing video in dim light, nighttime, or dusk—or picking up minute details.


As mentioned, at Safe Drive Solutions, we offer 1080p, 2k, and 4k—which are common terms when buying a tv that many people will be familiar with. Let’s begin with 1080p.


The “1080” refers to the amount of pixels that run vertically down a screen, while having 1920 pixels running horizontally. Although 1080p devices have been around for many years now, it remains the industry standard for many video or display devices. It’s also the default setting on YouTube and Netflix.

1080P, while being excellent picture quality, remains the lowest resolution among our dashcams. This doesn’t mean they’re bad—in fact most vehicle owners would be thrilled with the picture quality from their 1080p dashcam. However, 2k and 4k displays offer a sharper, clearer image that allows for a more robust capture. The Dash Cam models that record in 1080P are the; FA200, F200PRO, NX7 and T10S2.

2K (QHD)

The Difference Between 2k and 1080p resolutions

Next on the dashcam resolution hierarchy are the 2k dashcams. 2k is a bit of a “catch-all” term used to describe devices that capture or display over 2000 horizontal pixels x 1080. The difference in pixels between a 1080p dashcam and a 2k dashcam can be a few hundred thousand, to 1.6 million pixels. This means 2k dashcams can be of exceptional quality in comparison to 1080p.

The Thinkware QA100 Elite front camera is 2560 pixels horizontally and 1440 pixels vertically so a lot more detail compared to a 1080p camera. This allows for a much wider, much clearer view with a lot more detail. This is especially apparent when you zoom in. It retains clarity far better than a 1080p dashcam would.

When you want a reliable dashcam that will pick up clear images of street signs, license plates, and other minute details—which can significantly assist you in case of a claim—then a 2k dashcam might be for you.

Our QA100 Elite is a  2K Resolution Thinkware Dash Cam.

4K (UHD)

Now, for the granddaddy of them all—the 4k resolution dashcam. 4k, just like 2k, refers to the number of pixels running horizontally on a display. It’s a generic term that encapsulates 2 different resolutions—3820 and 4096 horizontal pixels by 2160 vertical pixels.

4k is 4 times the resolution of 1080p. That means zooming in on this footage is completely seamless, allowing for a full and vivid picture of what was captured, even at super high zoom levels.

Unfortunately, in the dashcam industry, there are some pretenders. If you’ve been looking for a 4k dashcam, you may have noticed some discrepancies in quality from one 4k dashcam to the next. That’s because some companies have cheated the specs and utilized poor chipsets, which are actually just recording in HD and resizing the image to 4k.

Our 4K dashcams are TRUE, VIVID 4K. Even when viewed on huge screens, the video quality from our 4k dashcams remains pristine. The Thinkware U1000 and IROAD X10 use Native 4k Resolution to increase detail when capturing license plates at faster speeds, and for capturing detail in low-light conditions.

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Why you need a Dash Cam

Why you need a Dash Cam

A dash cam, do you really need it? The answer is Yes. It is a device mounted on the windshield of a vehicle. The dash cam has a careful design that it records every detail on the road, acting as a silent witness.

Are you an Uber/Lyft driver who has an invested interest in your business? Are you a taxi mom who runs the kids around? Or are you a weekend road-tripper who loves the great outdoors and escaping the city grind? Whether you drive for work, pleasure or just to get the groceries, a Dash Cam is an essential tool for every car. Although it might seem like an expensive upfront cost, it can save you thousands of dollars further down the line. To help you decide whether it’s worth the investment, we’ve outlined below what exactly a Dash Cam is and some critical benefits of owning one.

What Exactly is a Dash Cam?

“A Dash Cam is a video recording device, mounted on your windshield on the inside of the car to continuously capture the view within and around your vehicle. It allows you to
record and rewatch each and every one of your trips, either for memories or evidence.”

Your Dash Cam can be setup to record either the front, rear view, or both. Further, it can provide useful benefits such as alerting you to when a person or object has come too close, so as to prevent collision, and can record while parked, or only when driving. The footage is saved onto the device’s micro SD and can be transferred to your tablet, computer or smartphone.

Works as First-Hand Evidence in a Car accident

The car drivers now install dash cams into their vehicles. It helps because right from the moment you start the car engine, there is a straight-to-the-point recording.

During a car crash, you can give proof by sending the video as your evidence. Even, as usual, if the other driver claims it was your fault, the dash cam is the efficient and strongest proof to defend yourself. Thus, you save money, time, and trouble.

“The most common reason for fitting a Dash Cam onto your windshield is that it can
save you a lot of time and hassle in case of a car accident.”

“Not all drivers will acknowledge when they are at fault, and there are times when events happen too fast for either to even be able to know what happened and how. That can easily escalate to a blame game ending in Court for a judge to decide. Emotions such as anxiety, fear, shock and practical or financial concerns can further exacerbate the situation. 98% of cases can be resolved simply by having quality\footage. Not only does this assist quick resolution, it can also reduce your insurance premium.

Further, if your car is scratched or dented by buses, a person or another car, “the dash cam’s surveillance mode will be your best friend. It can also protect you from false claims against you. This is particularly useful for cab/Uber/Lyft drivers, where events in the car, even under poorly lit conditions, can be recorded.”

An ideal solution for Undisciplined Drivers

An important reason to have a dash cam is you can stand against an undisciplined driver who is irresponsible and reckless.

Report an undisciplined driver who may put innocent passenger’s lives or other drivers in danger. Again, proof is a must to testify as an eyewitness. Your dash cam gives the ultimate proof. It records everything, and you have a better stand to report on such drivers.

Road Trip Memories

“Do you love exploring adventurous new road trips with your friends? Do you enjoy surprising your partner with a weekend getaway? Or perhaps you just recharge by exploring the world one road at a time?
A Dash Cam will record your trip for you, and may even capture unexpected events, such as meteors falling from the sky (it happened in Russia in 2013) or even shy animals checking out the area while you’re not in the car. Beautiful memories guaranteed ;)”

Driving instructors or worried parents

“Driving instructors around the world are increasingly using Dash Cams. This is a powerful tool to playback some of the footage and help learners improve from their mistakes and ditch bad habits.
And if you are a parent, and your teen is now driving on their own, you’ll know the peace of mind a dash cam can give, allowing you to monitor in real-time your child’s speed and
driving abilities.

Avoid Parking Accidents

Parking is a nightmare for beginner drivers as they accidentally scratch other cars during parking.  Receiving scratches or damage to your beloved car is annoying.

A dashcam records the vandals attempting to break into your car. It also reveals the other car causing parking accidents. Besides, some dash cams are remotely operable, and you can transfer all the data to your smart phone, computer, or laptop.

Wrapping UP

 A dashboard camera is a worthy investment. It has a design consisting of a digital fixed-lens camera and a microphone. You may install it on the windshield or dashboard of your car.

There is a wide choice of dash cameras available, choose as suitable. There are low to high priced dash cams featuring color display. Tell the true story.

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