Our client from Langley, BC contacted us for Dash Cam install. Firstly, we said no we would not attempt the install due to the luxury of this vehicle. Then we changed our tune and asked the client if he would work with us. After all, learning new things is important to Safe Drive Solutions. We let the client know of our concerns and scheduled an appointment for Land Rover Dashcam Install.

Running Wires

Working on vehicles like a Land Rover can be scary. They are rare, and vehicle wiring info is scarce. However, running wires on this vehicle was not a challenge to us, due to our experience working on Audi, VW, BMW etc. We started out at the back of the vehicle mounting the rear camera. The paneling on the hatch was easy to remove and no different than a typical import. Making sure to position the camera in the centre for best recording.

land rover rear camera

Running wires from the hatch to the interior we always run through factory boot. Most vehicles have a connector where you need to unclip tabs. On this Land Rover dashcam install no clips needed to be undone, instead they came off very easily. You simply pull and the rubber separates from the vehicle. Then simply fish your wire through the grommet and continue into interior. Make sure you put the grommet back into place as you do not want any leaks.

running wire in rear boot

Proceed to run wires from back of vehicle to front by tucking into paneling. Make sure you use a specialty or plastic tool to assist in tucking in. Be patient as panels can be tight.

running wires

Running Wires By Airbag

When running wires up to the front of the Land Rover. Eventually, you get to the A-pillar which contains a curtain side airbag. We get around this by removing the panel and then running our wire behind the airbag. We also tie any excess wire to factory wiring which is located behind that panel. Safety is very important.

air bag wiring

After that, we proceed to tuck wires into headliner towards the final mounting destination on the windshield. Keeping all wires hidden and looking very clean.

dash cam install landrover

Lastly, we run a OBDII power cord down and plug it in. This gives our customer piece of mind, and the dealership will give you less hassle. If the car dealer says they are concerned about electrical wiring, you can simply unplug the dash camera. This completes our dashcam install in a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport.

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