Why buy a dash cam? A dashcam is car insurance for BC drivers. ICBC asks for dashcam video to prove your innocent. Let’s explore a few examples of why it is a good investment.

Left Turn Incident

My client was recently involved in an accident. The other car was turning left and hit his VW Tiguan. Sounds like an open and shut case. Another vehicle turned left and hit your vehicle. But no witnesses came forward. The other driver then claimed the VW Tiguan ran a red light. ICBC sent the client a 50/50 decision as there was no proof. Our client was smart and sent the dashcam video to car insurance. It proved he drove through a green light and was not at fault.

car accident turn left

Reverse At Intersection

So, you are sitting at the traffic lights when suddenly, the car in front of you drives into you. Why would someone put it in reverse and back into you? I have no idea. But 4 of my clients have recently had this happen to them. The insurance company deemed them to be at fault and had they had a dashcam would have been covered. Therefore, incidents like this happen and this is a great example of why you need a dashcam.

car accident back up

Hit and Run

Consequently, imagine you are stopped at the traffic lights. When all of a sudden, another car hits you and drives off. This is what happened to one of my customers. He called me all worried because he did not get the license plate. Firstly, he submitted the video to ICBC to prove innocence. Secondly, ICBC insurance company waived his deductible. As a result, the dash camera already paid for itself within 1 week of purchase.

hit and run


To sum up, a dash camera can help you tell your story. Know what happened. Often people tell me they don’t get into car accidents. Well none of these people got into accidents either. Accidents found them.

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