What top features do you want in a dash cam? Well this is what a lot of our customers ask for.

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Wi-Fi Capability

Why would you want this? The main reason you want this is because if there is an incident or a video recording you want to have. You can easily take your phone and pair it to the device and download videos directly to your phone. This makes it easy to email somebody, submit to insurance or throw it on the socials. It also allows you to change settings on the dash camera.

Parking Mode

A lot of our customers are concerned about incidents happening while parked. Parking mode gives you the capability to record in either time lapse, motion detection, or energy saving mode. Depending on the dash cam these top features are widely available.

motion detection

Low Battery Protection

This is the #1 concern for all of our customers. Watch our YouTube Video. All of our dash cameras we offer have low battery protection when either hardwired or using an OBD2 adaptor cable. If it drops below a certain set voltage the dash camera will shut off to protect your car battery.


High Dynamic Range purpose is to remove light blurring when driving at night and shows clearer recording quality in various lighting conditions. For example, driving through tunnels. A lot of our example YouTube videos will include the Richmond Tunnel to show you how our dash cams respond in those lighting environments.

high dynamic range

Event Recording

So, if you are driving and you get into an accident you want to know that video will go into a separate event or incident file. That way it is saving it and you do not have to worry about downloading it right then and there. Some dash cams come with a small SD card and no event recording folder. When an incident happens you can easily record over that. If there is an impact there is a G-Sensor built into the unit and it will automatically take that video and put it into a separate video file folder making it easier for you to find. Making this one of the top dash cam features.

car accident


This is a premium sensor that guarantees the ultimate sharpness night image quality. The Sony STARVIS image sensor will record the brightest and cleanest images even in low light environments. It provides a much brighter and clearer image compared to seeing with bare eyes.

sony starvis


In short, these are some of the top dash cam features we are asked about everyday. There are many other features available feel free to comment below or contact us.

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