Can I get a dash cam with longer than 1 minute video recording time? So, all the dash cameras we deal with offer 1 minute record time. If there are any incidents, or impacts they are usually 20-30 second video clips. There are a couple reasons why you want to get a dash cam with these features.

  • One of the reasons is you want the smaller file size.
  • It will be easier to find the specific file
  • Most insurance companies want a maximum 25mb file size.
  • Quick to download a shorter video file to your phone
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Recording Size

Think about this if you had a 10 minute or 15 minute video you will now possible be downloading 500mb or a few Gb of video. Then you will have to take that huge file and use video editing software so you can share it on the socials or submit to insurance company. Why most dash cams have 20-30 second incident files or max 1 minute video. It makes it easier to submit for insurance purposes. Also is typically under 25mb in size.

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Recording Time

Therefore, some more food for thought. All the dash cameras we carry delete 1 video file and record 1 brand new video file. So, if your video file is 15 minutes or 1 hour you will lose 1 full hour just like that gone. While losing a 1 minute or 20 second file is minimum. Keep in mind most people dash cams come with a small SD card that typically only records 1 or 2 hours of continuous recording.

Downloading Time

Furthermore, if you want to download a 1-minute video it will typically take you approximately 1 minute. However, riddle me this try downloading a 15 minute or 1 hour video file to your phone and now you’re in your car for 15 minutes to an hour. Never mind the space you need to have available on your phone.

In short, it may sound like a minor detail but keep that in mind when searching for a dash camera. Your dash cam video recording time is important.

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