Our client from Burnaby wanted a dash cam install in their Mazda 3. Commuting to and from Richmond can be a very busy drive. With so many cars on the road it is important to have a silent witness. That is why our client got a front and rear dash camera from IROAD.

Accidents Happen

Imagine you are driving down the highway and another vehicle cuts you off causing damage to your vehicle. Our client’s friend had this happen to them. The insurance company ruled it 50/50 accident. Once the dash cam footage was provided her friend had won. True story. That is why she made the investment in a dash camera. Getting a dash cam install in her Mazda 3 was a no brainer.

car crash

24 Hour Surveillance

The IROAD T10S2 provides around the clock protection. One of the best features of this camera is the SONY STARVIS image sensor. It will record the brightest and cleanest images even in low light environments. This is key so you can record late at night if any incidents arise. Simply set the unit to parking mode and it will record the entire time you are away. Make sure you upgrade your SD card to store all those recordings.

mazda 3 install pics

Install Wiring

In this paragraph I am going to talk about why to get professional installation. Above all you want your vehicle to look neat and tidy. Firstly, you do not want wires hanging everywhere. Secondly you want the ability to record any incidents while parked. So, you get a technician to come in and hardwire your dash cam. Some people get confused and think you are just running a cigarette lighter. Really this is where the technical expertise comes in, the years of experience, and the specialty tools. Trust your vehicle with a true expert. To better understand what parking mode is please read our blog.


This dash camera has the power of both styles of dash cams. Often dash cams come with either Wi-Fi built in or a touch screen. IROAD T10S2 has both options built into 1 unit. If you are not tech savvy and just want to change a setting or view a video file. You can change it at your fingertips. Really easy. Meanwhile if you want to download the video directly to your phone, use the app and pair via Wi-Fi. However if you want to get really fancy, pair the OBDII Scanner cable to the unit for increased performance.

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