Our client from West Vancouver, BC hired us to install a Dash Cam into their BMW. This car looks slick with the roof down. I can see myself now driving on the highway feeling the wind blow through my hair. Above all, this client is a private investigator. Can you say Bond, James Bond? Certainly, he is not secret service and does not report to MI6, but still it sounds cool.


Most importantly, our client drives a lot. One day they are in Vancouver and the next they could be in Kamloops. You never know where the job takes you. In addition, putting on that many miles it is essential to have a dash camera. Firstly, he wanted simple, small, 1080p resolution, and did not want it to talk a lot. Secondly, he did not want to see any wires, wanted to record while parked, and the ability to detach the unit and bring it in if he left the top down. The IROAD X5 checked all the boxes.

iroad x5 mounted in bmw


The IROAD X5 completes the dash cam install on this BMW. With 140-degree wide angle viewing, night vision, and memory card support up to 256gb. Above all, it will continuously record the entire time while driving, and record motion, or any impacts while parked. We always recommend the GPS antenna, so you have the option to see your recording speed and driving location. May just work in your favour with the insurance company if an incident should occur.

bmw 128 i convertible


To sum up, if you have a job that requires lots of travel make sure to invest in a dash camera. With all that traveling you never know when a deer, moose, coyote, could run across the road. Or maybe you hit some ice in the winter and spin off the road. Either way the more you drive, the higher the chance something may happen. You may even witness an accident and be able to help someone else out by submitting your dash cam footage.

bmw 128i dash cam install
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