So, you bought a dash cam. You plug it in, but you have no idea how to work it. What do you do next? Do you call a friend? Contact the seller? Or maybe you contact the manufacturer? Some people might even ask to return the item. No matter who you contact, your dash cam customer service will be different.

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The Accident

Back in 2007, I was involved in a car accident, my 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt was hit head on by a Ford Freestar. Instantly, all the airbags deployed, my seatbelt tightened and was in shock that this car hit me at 60km/hr. Getting out of the car, I instantly checked on the other driver and both of us were okay. After all, it was winter conditions and mistakes happen.

Police showed up and towed our cars away and I had no vehicle. I started thinking how was I going to get to work tomorrow? Never mind, how will I get home today? I guess I better call the insurance company and see what happens.

car accident

Positive Experience

So, I get to work and call my insurance company having zero expectations. Firstly, they asked for my policy number. Secondly, they asked if I was alright? Lastly, do I need a rental car? While talking on the phone I received an email for car rental service. I assumed I would have to call and arrange everything. Not even 5 minutes later I receive a call from National Car. They tell me they are on their way to deliver my car. I was floored, I mean the insurance company took care of me. Who would have thought? In short, this all happened in a span of 10 minutes.

car rental

Negative Experience

Since the beginning of COVID, customer experience has dropped. Many companies have transitioned to E-commerce and are offering very little if any customer support. Cutting their sales and support staff. Speaking from experience, I had to order some stickers for Safe Drive Solutions and it took 3 times over email for the company to get it close to right. They would not call me, repeatedly told me there was no phone number to call. Would not even book a video call to discuss. With all this technology available, there was no effort on their part to correct this efficiently. Instead they repeatedly got it wrong over and over again costing their company hundreds of dollars.

Customer Service

Everyone, has a story of a bad experience. Whether it be buying a car, house, food, new tech, or life in general. Think about what you expect for dash cam customer service? When we launched this company we wanted to make it easy. If you want to call us pick up the phone and call, if we are busy we will call you back. Or feel free to text us at the same phone number listed on our website. You can also reach us by email. Read our reviews below and see what our clients are saying. Our goal is to make it a positive experience. However, we rely on feedback from our customers to continuously improve how we operate.

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