So, you are looking for the best 2K dash cam on the market. You have come to the right place. Let’s rip apart 3 contenders.

The Contenders

We will be comparing the IROAD X11, GNET G-ON2, and last but not least Thinkware QA100 Elite. Getting into a 2K dash camera is a great upgrade from 1080P.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technology that expands the range of brightness from the brightest to the darkest, as close as possible to what the human eye sees. For example, applying HDR when passing through a dark tunnel adjusts the light reflections in the tunnel to bring colour to life. When passing through a dazzling road, the sunlight is properly adjusted to make things look sharp.

Both the IROAD X11 and GNET G-ON2 come equipped with this technology putting them 1 step ahead.

gon real hdr
high dynamic range

Sony STARVIS Image Sensor

Sony STARVIS is a premium sensor that guarantees the ultimate sharpness and night image quality. The sensor will record the brightest and cleanest images even in low light environments it provides a much brighter and clearer image compared to seeing with bare eyes.

QA100 Elite

  • 5MP Sony STARVIS 2K Front Camera
  • 2MP Sony STARVIS 1080P Rear Camera


  • 5MP Sony STARVIS 2K Front Camera
  • Sony Exmor 1080P Rear Camera


  • 5MP Sony STARVIS 2K Front Camera
  • 5MP Sony STARVIS 2K Rear Camera

sony starvis

Viewing Angle

Above all, how wide of viewing angle do these dash cameras have? Firstly, a wide-angle Sony lens will catch great detail. Secondly, having a clear undistorted image is important. In short, if you want the best 2k dash cam you cannot go wrong with any of these cams.

QA100 Elite

  • Front Camera 140 degree
  • Rear Camera 140 degree


  • Front Camera 140 degree
  • Rear Camera 140 degree


  • Front Camera 155 degree
  • Rear Camera 155 degree

Parking Mode

There is a bunch of frequently used terms used with dash cameras. Some of them are Event/Incident Recording, Time Lapse, and Motion Detection. With a dash camera all 3 recording modes could have captured the incident.

motion detection

Highlights of Parking Mode

Which recording modes do these dash cameras have? The GNET, and IROAD systems uses motion detection and time lapse. Both systems will still detect impacts while parked, however, can not be set to impact only. While the Thinkware has the option of impact only.

Video Codec

GNET G-ON2 and IROAD X11 uses the newest video codec. What this means for you? H.265 will give you twice as much recording capacity. It means that users can use 128GB SD card as 256GB SD card. HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding. Therefore, you will get up to twice the recording time to H.264 formats which Thinkware utilizes.

h265 compression

SD Card Capability

You may be wondering how big of an SD card can you fit into these units? The Thinkware QA100 Elite can support up to 128GB SD card, while the GNET and IROAD can handle upwards of 512GB of storage.

sd card capacity

Cloud Software

In addition, the G-ON2 also supports “withCLOUD” software and QA100 supports Thinkware Cloud. It allows for live streaming, GPS tracking, statistics, and geo-fence. However, keep in mind an active LTE hotspot is required. Furthermore, making these one of our best 2K dash cam for fleet.

Safety Camera Alert

You are driving 65km/hr in a 50 zone and all of a sudden, a voice comes on. “Red light camera in 500 metres speed limit 50km/hr.” This prompts you to slow down. It will tell you where red light and speed cameras are located at intersections. There is also updates available on Thinkware website every 3 months. Only the Thinkware QA100 Elite supports this feature.

cars driving by with red light and speed camera


In short, you can not go wrong with any of these dash cameras. Choose the right camera to suit your lifestyle. Therefore, with so much technology to choose from it is easy to get lost in which one to choose. Lastly, give us a call ,text, or email us with your questions we would be happy to help you out in choosing the best 2k dash cam.

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